Day 258 – Paraty to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day 258 – Paraty to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      05/06/11      Mileage: 187

It was another stellar day weather wise and the road up the coast was as scenic and enjoyable to ride as yesterday.

I pulled into Rio de Janeiro and after a bit of searching around, I settled into a room in Ipanema Beach… 2 doors down from a Belgian bar with an extensive beer menu…perfect!

As a child I can remember seeing Rio de Janeiro among the other exotic sounding places on my globe and I’ve wanted to travel here ever since. Kathmandu, Jakarta and the others will have to wait for another day….but for now its one more place off the life list. I quickly settled in and went straight for the Belgian bar…Delirium. They had an extensive menu of imported beer…I was in heaven…until I saw the prices. Fookin hell was it expensive! Yes it’s imported, yes this is Rio, but $25-35 USD for a beer…that’s shite! The larger bottles were around $50 USD!

I did find a “bargain” at $9 USD per bottle for a Leffe…one of my favorites…so I savored two of those and then went for a walk to take in the scene….

One Response to Day 258 – Paraty to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Arlene says:

    When I look at these pictures, I can understant why people have vacation or “winter” homes in Rio. The mountains surrounding the turquoise water and all that goes with it is outstanding. The prices are outrageous. Love, Mom

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