Day 257 – Camburizinho to Paraty, Brazil

Day 257 – Camburizinho to Paraty, Brazil      05/05/11      Mileage: 126

Jackpot. The skis were clear and sunny and the roads were dry….which was a great thing as the scenery was spectacular and the roads deliciously twisty. I also got to let the bike run a little bit and it felt great. It was also good to scrub the new tires in as riding the virgin rubber on the wet roads the other day was not confidence inspiring to say the least.

I stopped for a quick lunch at this beach side stand with a Harley-Davidson theme….pretty funny…

I rolled into Paraty mid afternoon and found a room (though pricey) easy enough. After settling in a walked around the old colonial town center which is entirely pedestrian only…no cars allowed at all.

My room and the view from my balcony….

There are many great shops and restaurants and all in all it’s a pleasant place to be for sure. That night I wandered out to take in the scene over a few beers. Tomorrow, it’s further up the coast to Rio de Janeiro to cross one more item off the life list!

2 Responses to Day 257 – Camburizinho to Paraty, Brazil

  1. John Durrua says:

    Save film for Rio 🙂
    are you going to stop by the Jersey Paddler on your way to NYC?

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