Day 266 – Indiaroba to Olinda, Brazil

Day 266 – Indiaroba to Olinda, Brazil      05/14/11      Mileage: 376

I was up, out and on the gas by 8:30 hoping to make it as far as Recife.

The pousada….nothing fancy for sure, but it’s my kind of place and it was only $14 with breakfast….

Table for (only) one. I was, no surprise, the only guest there…

As has become my M.O. when I’m riding to make time, I didn’t even stop for a picture…except to wipe an enormous glob of bug guts off of my sunglasses.

Sunglasses – 1
 Big, juicy Brazilian bug – 0

I did stop off at the Honda dealer looking for chain lube….and there it was, a Honda in KTM orange…but none in Kawasaki green.   Oh, and for some reason Honda dealers do not carry chain lube here….I stopped in 4 different dealers in as many towns…none. I had to go to a “local” shop to find some….strange.

I rolled into Recife just at dusk and went about finding a room. It took a while to find but I eventually found one in Olinda, a historic town 3 miles up the coast from the downtown.

Again…nothing fancy, but it’s a dry roof….

Once again the hotel owner was extremely welcoming, like only a mother can be. She did everything but make me a fruit salad (like my mother!).

I did have to expel the previous occupant of my room. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Brazilian cockroaches are not good swimmers….   😉

So after settling in I walked down the oceanside avenue for dinner and some beers….big surprise there. Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow so I can have a look around….