Sunsets from the road…

North slope of Alaska, 200 or so miles above the Arctic Circle

Homer, Alaska

Whistler, BC

Baja, Mexico

Calvario, Mexico

Monterrico, Guatemala

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Caye Caulker, Belize

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Celendin, Peru

Valparaiso, Chile

Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado, Chile

Paso Roballos, Patagonia, Chile

Paso Roballos, Patagonia, Chile

Caleta Olivia, Argentina

Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Tornquist, Argentina

Santa Tereza do Oeste, Brazil

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fortaleza, Brazil

Amazon River, Brazil

Amazon River, Brazil

Amazon River, Brazil

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Knight Key, Florida Keys, FL

Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, NC

Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, NC

Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, NC

Day 315 – Shenandoah National Park, VA to Lambertville, NJ

Day 315 – Shenandoah National Park, VA to Lambertville, NJ      07/02/2011      Mileage: 342

Morning came on the Blue Ridge and I broke camp one last time. It is hard to believe this will be my last day on the road after all this time and miles under my wheels. It will be bittersweet to finish this journey, as I am sad to see it end, but excited to get home to see my sister and friends. So after packing the bike, I pointed her north one final time.

The weather was perfect and rivaled only by the scenery, so I was savoring every bit of it.

The bike was running great as usual, but the drive sprockets and chain were now totally shot and the chain was bouncing all over the place and eating the swingarm slider. I adjusted the chain as best as I could…and simply hoped it would make it the last few hundred miles without flying off! I came down out of the Blue Ridge at the north end near Front Royal, VA and stopped off at a Starbucks to get some WiFi and make some plans to meet up with friends later today. Erik and Bob, friends and fellow moto heads, are going to ride out into Pennsylvania to meet up with me on the road and join me for the home stretch into Lambertville, NJ where I will officially end my journey. Back on the road, I had to stop and check the chain a few times so that was slowing my progress…but I finally made it to the rendezvous point. A short time later, Bob, on his Suzuki DR650 and Erik astride his KTM 640 Adventure, rolled up…it was so good to see them! Like true moto heads, they immediately started grilling me about the bike…how many oil changes, how man flats (None! More on that in another post) carb adjustments, mechanical problems…and then of course, the women…in that order! Ha! So after talking a little shop, we pointed our bikes to Lambertville to meet up with the rest of the gang.

I am a sushi addict and I didn’t have much opportunity to eat sushi along the way. So, I was craving sushi and my favorite sushi bar called Ota’Ya just so happens to be in Lambertville…needles to say it was a forgone conclusion where we were going to eat dinner! But first, some tequila!

…and another…

…and another…

Sushi and Jagermeister? These are the choices you make after tequila shots…

That is a boatload of sushi!

So, I guess that’s it…a little over 10 months and 42,000+ miles later it has come to an end. To say it has been a rewarding journey would of course only scratch the surface. I have learned much about the world around me and the spirit within me. I have slept out under the haunting glow of the Northern Lights, and guiding light of the Southern Cross. I think back to all the experiences I had and people I met along the way and I am, and always will be, forever grateful for having had the opportunity to do this trip. I have come away with many valuable life lessons which I will cherish and carry with me forever.

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.   -Sydney J. Harris

It’s been over two years now since I returned home…

It’s been over two years now since I returned home, and what started out as a conscious decision to not write the last blog post until I had time to reflect and gain some perspective, quickly turned into the time consuming task of starting my life and career again. I’m back working in New York City which feels a million miles away from my journey, yet in many ways it still feels as close as yesterday. I finally “found” the time to finish the blog by sequestering myself alone for a few days at my buddy Mick’s cabin in Vermont, well away from the hectic pace of my day-to-day life and the leash of my smartphone. So what follows are some long overdue updates to my journey.