Day 247 – Valinhos to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Day 247 – Valinhos to Sao Paulo, Brazil 04/25/11 Mileage: 86

Warning to parents: Do not show this post to your teenage boys or they may run off to Brazil in search of a girl!   😉

I had found a big Kawasaki shop in Campinas not to far from Uli’s house. Sabine lead the way there and we found it easy enough. I of course don’t speak a word of Portuguese so having Sabine with me to describe the work I needed down was a godsend.

Sabine at Sudio Kawasaki in Campinas trying to translate “check for play in the steering head bearing”….

As it turns out they couldn’t work on the bike for at least a week but they gave us the address of their other shop in Sao Pauo. That shop ended up being not to far from Sabine’s other sister Gisa’s house and they could get me in today…great! Or plan was to head to Sao Paulo anyway, so we packed up and I followed Sabine to the other shop. We arrived and were greeted by the service manager Edu who is an awesome guy and took great care of me.

Me and Edu from Studio Kawasaki in Sao Paulo….a great shop that I can highly recommend!

With Sabine’s translation assistance Edu got me and the bike squared away and reassured me that the bike was in good hands. The background of his computer desktop was a great shot of a supermoto rider, and when Edu told me that it was his 16 year old daughter I was floored!

And as if that weren’t enough, she is also ranked number 1 in Brazil having won the championship! And no, there is no girls division…she wooped up on all the boys!

She is in fact such a talented rider that she got a U.S. sponsor and an invite to race in Las Vegas….how cool is that.

So, with my bike in good hands we went to Sabine’s sister Gisa’s house, had a nice dinner at home and called it a night.

Day 246 – Morungaba to Valinhos, Brazil

Day 246 – Morungaba to Valinhos, Brazil      04/24/11      Mileage: 36

It was a leisurely morning, for me anyway, and I didn’t get up until 10. Uli and her daughter headed home and Sabine and I went for another mountain bike ride. I haven’t been on a XC bike ride for 9 months now and my legs and lungs were letting me know it.

Towards the end of the ride we were both famished and stopped into a roadside corn stand that Sabine knew of. It’s a place that serves corn every kind of way you can think of, but we settled on sampling what I would describe as a chicken stuffed corn fritter, a sweet corn polenta and a salty corn polenta both served in a corn husk, a cup of corn juice, and for dessert a sweet corn custard…and we washed it all down with a couple of Coke’s.

Both now stuffed like the corn fritter we mowed down moments ago, we got back on the bikes and wallowed the rest of the way back to the farm. We took a quick dip in the pool, showered and then packed up to head over to Uli’s house in Valinhos a short distance away. That night Uli, Bobby, her two daughters, Sabine and I went out for sushi (no, it wasn’t as good as Ota’ya!) which was a tasty way to end another great day.