Day 124 – Cartagena, CO to Bogota, CO

Day 124 – Cartagena, CO to Bogotá, CO 12/23/10 Mileage: Riding 0 / 1 airline flight

No alpine start for me today as I was still feeling the effects of those caipirinhas. That’s it, I’m not drinking anymore…..or at least not before lunch. 😉 Armed with my camera I spent the next 3 hours on a photo safari around old town Cartagena. It was like the proverbial shooting fish in a barrel as Cartagena is very picturesque. The old town and its Spanish colonial architecture is contained within the walls of a fort perched right on the Caribbean Sea…pretty idyllic. History is everywhere you look and you can feel it’s depth as you stroll along the tight colonial era streets. Here are the pics…

I stopped into this stand that makes great fruit juices and smoothies…

Fresh fruit is available everywhere on the street from these carts…

I toured the Naval Museum which was nice and only $3.50

On the way back to the hotel, I swung through the local market which is always interesting!

After a nice lunch I went back to the hotel to collect my bags and head for the airport for my flight to Bogotá. The airport had free wifi and seats with with power outlets which was nice for a change…I think all airports should do that! The flight was short and uneventful and once on the ground I hopped a taxi to the Dann Colonial Hotel which is where Brian has been staying the last few days. I dropped my bags and wandered out for a quick bite and then called it an early night.

Late night street pizza in Bogotá


9 Responses to Day 124 – Cartagena, CO to Bogota, CO

  1. carla friedman says:

    Pictures are wonderful and it is so nice to see the warm weather while we are anticipating our first snow tomorrow. Do you see lots of Christmas decorations like here? I know that when we were in Cancun at Christmas there were beautiful simple decorations and not the hoopla you see here. But I enjoy all the excitement in the stores for Christmas. Have a wonderful time in Bogata.

    Love, Carla

    • Lenny says:

      Hi Carla! Yeah, I would say it’s similar to Cancun than, nice simple decorations, people in the streets…but nothing like the US for sure. Stay warm up there!


  2. John and Mo says:

    Hi Lenny – Merry Christmas … enjoying your blog and pics daily. Keep it coming and travel safe!


    • Lenny says:

      Hey guys! Merry Christmas! Take some runs for me…can’t wait to get back on my skis at some point… Tell the rest of the Hunter crew I said hello!

  3. Paul Bell says:

    Merry Christmas Lenny! Love the pictures. No white Christmas here for us.
    Kim Paul Lance and Leigha

    • Lenny says:

      Merry Christmas!! No white x-mas up there, bummer…I though you’d have one for sure… I’ll try and call you guys from Medellin to catch up! TTYS!

  4. jarla says:

    What does “llamadas copias $97” mean? Translation on Google translates it as “call back” which doesn’t make much sense to me.

  5. arlene says:

    Hi Len, we are up here at H & J and have info on Lilly’s relatives and a friend of Esperanza’s friend’s parents. I will try to e-mail the info. I seem to have to reply to send it from H & J computer ………so don’t think I am sending you old stuff.

    Love ya, Mom

  6. arlene says:

    correction to my last writing…….I have to get all the info for you today. We are staying up here to Tuesday probably because of a bad snow storm we are expecting and we did not have enough time to make it home to TR before the storm and would have to ride the 6 hours with snow all the way home.

    Rosemary got the mail and there is stuff for you. Take care. Luv ya, Mom

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