Day 104 – Leon, NI

Day 104 – Leon, NI 12/03/10 Mileage: 0

No big news to write about today, which given the last 2 days I’m fine with that.

Finally tracked down a good coffee…

… Cafe Lo Rosita. They have great breakfast too…

…and a nice garden courtyard.

The wifi at the Lazy Bones hostel was quite good and I spent 6 hours getting the blog semi up to date and upload pictures.

Our bikes inside the Lazy Bones hostel.

Brian making use of the good wifi…

The pool at the Lazy Bones

Sparky and Dave, the two bikers I met back in El Salvador happened to pull into the Lazy Bones as well and got the room right next to mine…small world!

Sparky (L) and Dave (R)

We exchanged border horror stories and from the sound of it they had it even worse They also beat it out of Honduras ASAP as well, which only goes to show that Honduras is totally missing the boat. Yeah, the grifters at the border manage to steal a few bucks from you, but that leaves you aggravated and bitter and all you want to do is leave as soon as possible. Definitely not a good plan if you want tourists to spend money in your country.

Parting shot: We knocked back a few beers in the Los Balcones bar where these skis were on the wall.