Day 108 – 110 – Granada, NI

Day 108 – 110 – Granada, NI     12/14 – 16/10     Mileage: 0

I had spanish school for the last 3 days and I think I am proving that you really CAN’T teach an old dog new tricks. The more spanish I think I know, the more I realize I don’t know and my progress is painfully slow. I am however determined to learn it…or too stupid to stop…I’m not sure which. Anyway, in the afternoons I explore the town a bit, work on the blog and study until I’m cross-eyed.

Here are some shots from the local market.

I splurged on a really nice dinner at El Tercer Ojo (The Third Eye) the other night, but aside from that have been being laying low to save money and focus on studying. This afternoon I went looking for a new relay for the KLR’s horn as mine burned out a few weeks ago…and a horn is a handy item down here! I found an auto parts store and I had to use every once of spanish I have to describe to the clerk what I needed. Ordering cafe con leche is childs play, but trying to describe that I need a 12v 30 amp single pole single through electrical relay is another story all together. So, with my pigeon spanish and enough hand gestures to make any Italian man proud, I managed to get what I need. After that it was back to the Bearded Monkey where I turned their back courtyard into a Kawasaki service shop.

I also adjusted the drive chain, clutch cable and did a number of other minor tweaks and adjustments while I had a good place to do it.

Day 106 – 107 – Granada, NI

Day 106 – 107 – Granada, NI     12/05 – 06/10     Mileage: 0

The last two days Brian and I spent walking around Granada and getting some chores done like laundry and running errands. Granada is a nice town and is like a smaller version of Antigua back in Guatemala with spanish colonial architecture, nice bars and restaurants and a location in a nice natural setting. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Horses are still hard at work down here…and horse drawn carts are as common as pick-ups.

I came across this funny scene….a cow in the middle of town with it’s head buried in a trash can!

I don’t think “kayak” means motorcycle…not even in spanish!

Last night we saw some local kids put on a breakdance demonstration in the street in front of the restaurant we were eating at and they were really very good!

I also spent some time looking for a spanish school and found one that I liked for a good price, so I’ll spend another week or so here trying to learn more spanish. Tomorrow Brian is pushing on so our time riding together has come to an end. We had many good laughs over countless beers the last two weeks, and it was a nice to change to have some company for a while. Bien viaje mi amigo!