Day 112 – Granada, NI to San Juan del Sur, NI

Day 112 – Granada, NI to San Juan del Sur, NI 12/11/10 Mileage: 65

Today was my last day at 1 on 1 Tutoring spanish school and the experience was great. Unlike my last spanish school where I was paired with one instructor the entire time, here you spend an hour with 4 different instructors each day, each focusing on a different language skill. I liked this method and think it’s much better as it gives you 4 different teaching styles as well as different accents and voices to listen to, not just one.

1 on 1 Tutoring in Granada, NI

Roger is the owner of 1 on 1 Tutoring and one of my teachers.

This is another instructor, Omar, who is a really nice guy and suave with the gringo ladies!  😉

Heleng is easy on the eye and sweet to the ear…me gusta.

This is Roger Jr., my 4th instructor and also patient as a saint listening to me bungle every sentence!!

It’s a very good and fairly inexpensive school and I wish I could stay another week. But the big clock is ticking and I have to keep moving south if I’m going to make it to the tip of South America and Tierra del Fuego before winter. So I said adios to my 4 instructors, packed up the KLR and headed south for the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua and the beach town of San Juan del Sur. It was an uneventful and short ride down and I arrived mid afternoon under bright sun and a clear blue sky…perfect. I settled into a hotel (for $10 per night) perched on a hill overlooking the town and beach.

At night I went to the waterfront and had a drink at Henry’s Iguana before having dinner at The Black Whale.

I also walked around town for a bit and it is a super laid back place with a nice mix of locals and ex-pats all living the beach life. I imagine this is what parts of Costa Rica looked like 20 years ago before it was “found”.

Parting shot…

Sunset over the water in San Juan del Sur, NI

Day 111 – Granada, NI

Day 111 – Granada, NI      12/10/10      Mileage: 0

So, nothing to write home about today except that tonight I came across a local band setup in the central park playing Rage Against the Machine covers in english with a heavy spanish accent. Let’s just say that Bulls on Parade sounds a bit better coming from Zack de la Rocha! And of course I didn’t have my camera on me…damn! Tomorrow is my last day of spanish class and afterwards I’m heading for the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua and the beach town of San Juan del Sur.

 I totally blew it with pictures today…so all I have is this lame parting shot…

This cat has the life and gets lovin from everyone at the hostel. (Jilly….tell me that doesn’t look exactly like Lily!)