Day 119 – Boquete, PA

Day 119 – Boquete, PA 12/18/10 Mileage: 0

Today was more or less doing chores, getting the blog updated and other miscellaneous online housekeeping done. The hotel’s wifi is tango uniform (which is “military speak” for “T U”…which stands for “Tits Up” which means “it’s totally f–king broke and ain’t workin no more”) so I parked myself at the Shalom Bakery for 5 hours and nursed 2 americano’s and a cinnamon roll. I spoke to the owner for a bit and he’s a nice guy from Korea. His spanish is much better than mine, but with his Korean accented spanish and my meager english accented spanish…our conversation was comical! So, why a Korean guy with a bakery called “Shalom Bakery”…he just likes the word “Shalom”…too funny!

I also took the obligatory walk around town and noticed there were at least 20 hostels in town…a sure sign that Boquete is on the rise as a tourist destination.

The Boquete town center…

At night I had dinner at the Boquete Cafe which has a nice dinning room and bar. Soon though, music which was 600 decibel’s louder than it needed to be for adequate consumption started emanating from the upstairs loft. I thought, well now, at least I found the happening spot because they must be playing the music that loud to be heard over all of the party revelers! Sweet, so I slicked back my eyebrows, checked my front teeth for stray cabbage and went upstairs on the prowl. Unfortunately, my arrival upstairs doubled the occupants of the loft…and the other person was th DJ with a hearing problem. With that I did an about-face and beat a hasty retreat for the door. On the way back to the hotel I hit the grocery for shaving cream, vitamins and foot spray which I hope will kill whatever has taken up residence in my riding boots before they walk away by themselves.

Boquete’s central park at night…

6 Responses to Day 119 – Boquete, PA

  1. jarla says:

    Shalom Bakery! Where did that name come from???

  2. Carla Friedman says:

    Shalom Bakery????? Interesting. Love the pictures…..

  3. Paul Bell says:

    Is it just me, but every time I find myself reading your blog I have a beer in my hand?

    • Lenny says:

      Ha…well the funny thing is every time I find myself writing the blog I have a beer in my hand…strange… What’s up my friend?! I miss you guys!!

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