Day 105 – Leon, NI to Granada, NI

Day 105 – Leon, NI to Granada, NI      12/04/10      Mileage: 91

This morning Brian and I went to breakfast with Sparky and Dave, the two Canadian bikers heading for Panama on their R1200GS’s. We told all the usual lies and tall tales from the road, and compared notes about the Honduras border crossing.

L to R:  Brian, Dave and Sparky

After that we packed up, said adios and pointed our bikes south towards the colonial city of Granada.

Leaving the hostel…

Navigating the narrow streets of Leon, complete with horse-drawn cart.

One mans wrong turn is another mans (my) shortcut!

Found the highway and rolling south…

Map check…

Heads we follow the GPS, tails we follow the map…who’s got a coin?

Errrr…best 2 out of 3?

Lago de Managua from the road with volcanoes in the distance.


Taking a break on the way to Granada…

Rolling into Managua…

It only took about two hours to get to Granada even with some traffic passing though Managua.

If you’re going to stop for directions, it might as well be from a hot chick in front of a yoga studio….just sayin…

Another coin toss…now where did I put that damn cordoba…

That coin sucks…

Once in Granada we settled into the Bearded Monkey hostel which had private rooms with shared bathrooms for $12…not too bad.

Checking in at the Bearded Monkey

Checking the bikes into the Bearded Monkey!

Don’t scratch the bar Brian!

It was a sauna on the way down from Leon, so as soon as the bikes were parked we slammed 4 beers at the hostel before heading out for dinner and of course many more beers. I really have to reign in my beer consumption, as I’ve stumbled upon the following equation…

(Tropical heat + riding suit + cheap ice cold beer) – exercise = veal shaped gringo

Parting Shot

This was the drink special at the hostel. For the english speaking crowd, borracho in spanish means drunk!
(Sorry Deb, I couldn’t resist!)

4 Responses to Day 105 – Leon, NI to Granada, NI

  1. Carla says:

    Scenery is beautiful. Would love some of that warm weather here right now. It is freezing. Love the little details of your trip. Love being part of the adventure. Enjoy.

  2. Deborah says:

    Hey…did I just get a shout out (or is that in reference to another “Deb” you know?) … regardless… I love it… I, myself, would love to enjoy a nice sip of “democratically blended, dancing in political harmony” Obama themed beverage!! Maybe a mojito…. Obamojito….

    Carry on!! deb

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