Day 98 – Rio Dulce, GU

Day 98 – Rio Dulce, GU     11/27/10     Mileage: 0

Today Brian and I booked a launch to the town of Livingston which is not accessible by road. It was quite expensive and took up most of the day, but it included a tour of the area as well and we heard it was worthwhile.

The first stop was an small old colonial era Spanish fort which was neat to see from the water just as the pirates for whom the fort was built to defend against would have seen it.

Some local fisherman in dugout canoes

Next we stopped to view some islands where many water birds were nesting, after which we came into a small cove where young girls in dugout canoes paddled up to our launch selling local crafts.

The crafts were OK, but the young girls were adorable. We docked at Livingston and took a walk down the main street.

Livingston, GU

There are manhole and sewer covers missing not just in Livingston, but all over Guatemala. Replacements seem to be in short supply, so in this case the locals stuck a phone booth in the manhole to keep people from falling in!

Both Brian and I were kind of unimpressed with the town honestly, but it was good for a stroll and lunch. It would have been fine were in not for the fact that it cost 200 quetzals and 3 hours to get there from Rio Dulce! So, after lunch it was back to the launch for the ride back which thankfully was a straight shot. After that it was a shower, dinner, some route planning and off to bed for an early night as tomorrow we had a long day planned which would take us to yet another country…El Salvador!

4 Responses to Day 98 – Rio Dulce, GU

  1. Tracy says:

    So you made it to Livingston. I was almost jealous until you said you weren’t that impressed. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Arlene says:

    Do you find things more expensive in places like Livingston that you can only get to by boats?????
    The young girls probably help support the family and people rather give to a child than a man selling stuff like that. Have you seen any schools or are there private schools and home taught by people the rich people bring in for their children????

    Have a good day. Luv ya, Mom

    • Lenny says:

      It was a bit more expensive, but not much. As for the young girls, that’s exactly why…they’re so cute it makes you want to buy whatever crap they’re selling!

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