Day 100 – Acajutla, ES to El Tunco, ES

Day 100 – Acajutla, ES to El Tunco, ES      11/29/10      Mileage: 66

I felt slighted out of a beach day yesterday, so after breakfast we headed south along the coat in search of a hotel on the beach.

Our “expensive” hotel…

I had picked this road out because on Google maps it looked like 50 miles of twisty goodness right along the Pacific Ocean. It turned out to be an awesome road and could easily be confused with parts of the Pacific Coast Highway in California. (For you riders, take the CA-2 south from Acajutla to La Libertad)

We rode it to all the way to La Libertad and checked out a few places there. None that we liked were on the beach, so we backtracked a bit to where we had passed some of the famous surf breaks that also had some hotels catering mostly to surfers. We checked out a couple but none fit the bill. Brian was tired of looking and just went back to La Libertad but I pressed on with the search for beach hotel! I struck pay dirt after another three tries and landed at the Tortuga Surf Lodge.

It’s a cool little hotel in El Tunco with a pool and it was right on the beach. Beers we’re $1.25 and ice cold and they also served some lite food….perfect!

 It just so happened that two other bikers had pulled in a few minutes before me. Dave and Sparky are from Vancouver Island, Canada and are on their way to Panama and back on their BMW R1200GS’s.

We had a few beers and told lies from the road for a bit, but I wanted to swim in the ocean so I quickly striped off my riding gear and jumped in. The ocean was warm and the waves were perfect for swimming if not surfing, though the main break was farther up the beach. Oh, and it wasn’t too crowded…  😉

After that I adjourned to the pool and had a few more beers with Sparky and Dave. We had dinner that night along with some of the other surfer guests and had a great time swapping stories and adventures. After a short stumble back to me room, I crashed for the night.

Parting shot….an orignal artwork at the Tortuga Surf Lodge. I knew I liked this place…  🙂


2 Responses to Day 100 – Acajutla, ES to El Tunco, ES

  1. Arlene says:

    Was great talking and seeing you. OMG what great pictures!!!! The water looks so blue and you must of really enjoyed a nice swim to stretch out after all the riding in that beautiful ocean. Smart move to take that strip of hwy………you really captured the beauty. Did look like CA coast but the water sure ain’t warm in CA.

    Don’t worry about the pictures you ddn’t take of the bad hotels……….from what you described, no mother would want her son to sleep in such a dirty, unhealthy, unbelieveable place. The shower bit was just too much.

    Glad you had Brian to go through the Hondorus border……sounded like a real puzzle and they wait for the foreigners.

    Dad just left for the Mall with Bill to get our cruise to Alaska………cannot believe that we are really doing it. You inspired us. Stay well and safe. Love ya, Mom

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