Day 254 – Sao Paulo to Camburizinho, Brazil

Day 254 – Sao Paulo to Camburizinho, Brazil      05/02/11      Mileage: 161

John called from the airport last night to tell me that the Indy race was on….rescheduled for 9am this morning!! So I thanked Gisa for her wonderful hospitality, packed the bike and split for the race. The weather was still not great but at least it was not pouring like yesterday. I got there just as they were on the warm up lap and got to see the start from where I was standing just 50 yards beyond the finish line.

The Penske / Verizon Team car above went on to win the race…

The sound of the entire field flying by with engines screaming is something that has to be witnessed in person to fully appreciate….it’s incredible! Make sure you turn the sound up all the way before you watch the videos!



My Uncle Bob used to race and being there brought back good memories of being at the track watching him race…I know he would have loved to be here.



Here are the number 2 and 3 cars being pushed to the pits after the race…I couldn’t get a shot of the winning Verizon Team car…

So after the race I got back on the bike and headed for the coast. The weather got worse with every mile and before long it I was in the middle of an absolute downpour. I stopped off for a bite and to wait for a lull in the rain, but soon after getting back on the road it was pouring again. I had hopped to make it to Paraty, but only got as far as Sabine’s beach house which I was fortunate to have available to me. A dry roof over one’s head when your soaked and chilled to the bone is wonderful thing. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow, as the BR101 is supposed to be a spectacular ride along the coast to Rio…and it would be a shame to ride it and not see a thing..

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