Day 248 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Day 248 – Sao Paulo, Brazil        04/26/11        Mileage: 0

Sabine had some meetings and business to tend to, so I went over to the Kawi shop to check in on the bike. When I got there they had all the bodywork off and were giving it the most thorough cleaning it has ever gotten.

Yes gents, that says R$57,900…or roughly $37,000 USD for a 990 Adventure…crazy!! 

With the bike in good hands I left to run some errands, one of which was to find a good road map of Brazil. Well, despite the fact that I am in the largest city in Brazil and one of the largest in the world, this did not prove easy. I did finally find one but it is a best mediocre. I returned to the shop and they had the bike on the stand.

Taking a peak at the valves….

The Ricor shock still going strong after all these hard miles!!

From behind me…in English, someone said “nice bike”…and I turned to see my friend Johnny O standing there! What the…damn….they put one over on me! Johnny is Sabine’s husband, one of my best friends, and rides a KTM 625 SXC like a bat out of hell. They told me he wasn’t able to make it, but he did and it was great to see him.

Here’s Johnny leading me out on the road 8 months ago on day 1 of this trip…

My bike wasn’t going to be done today so we split and decided to go check out the new KTM dealer that opened up not too far away. All I can say is wow…what a shop!

We were told it is the largest in the world….and it even has a bar on the showroom floor. Oh, and the beer is free…and I guess it should be if you’re going to pay $37,000 for a stock 990 Adventure!

So after a healthy dose of sticker shock we returned to Gisa’s house for dinner with the family.

Me and Johnny….and some caipirinha’s…

Me and Uli…

Sabine’s sister Geli (yep, that makes 4 sisters all together if you’ve been keeping score) lives in Germany and brought some gifts for John and Sabine which were a big hit.

I think Sabine where’s the leterhosen better…in my opinion…  lol

We had a great dinner and even got some good laughs out of a tumbled glass of red wine….another fun filled and memorable day.

One Response to Day 248 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  1. carla friedman says:

    Just love seeing the pictures of you and friends and being so happy. Great adventure. Want some wine though.

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