Day 60 – Calvario, MX to Puerto Escondito, MX

Day 60 – Calvario, MX to Puerto Escondito, MX     10/20/10     Mileage:  365

I was up with the sun this morning and on the road shortly after. After two hours of riding I rolled into Acapulco and was surprised to find a huge bustling city choked with traffic, and not the quaint seaside resort down I had envisioned. I made my way straight to the waterfront and found a nice restaurant on the beach for breakfast.

Acapulco beach...

Acapulco beach...

Nice little restaurant on the beach...

Inside the cute beach front restaurant...

 After my huevos and coconut water, I high tailed it out of there for the less hectic countryside. The riding was good but average and the scenery was the same.

Passing through another dirty dusty town along the way...

and another...

Entering a military of dozens I passed through in Mexico. They don't like having their picture taken, but they didn't notice the camera mounted on my handlebar.

Here's another military checkpoint later in the day...

The road south on MEX 200...

MEX 200 south...

Getting my fill of twisty roads!

It was dusk by the time I pulled into Puerto Escondito, and as I’ve been riding since dawn, I was not up to spending an hour searching for a cheap hotel that met all the criteria. So I consulted my AAA Mexico guide and they had 3 hotels listed, the least expensive of which was the Casamar at $42 per night. It was over my budget (as most in the AAA guide are), but wow what a nice place! It had a gated courtyard for the bike, an inviting pool and the room was great….complete with a river stone shower and full kitchen.

The hotel Casamar in Puerto Escondito...not bad for $42!

The Casamar grounds...

Secure courtyard parking for the KLR...

My room at the Casamar was great...

So after a dip in the pool and an overdue shower, I was off to the luxury of clean sheets and a soft bed.

6 Responses to Day 60 – Calvario, MX to Puerto Escondito, MX

  1. johnny o says:

    Hello Lennieo, keep swerven’! to the left ‘en to the right, up ‘er down….just keep movin’! some places ain’t good fer stoppin’! dirty is as dirty gets!

    • Lenny says:

      Yo Johnny…great to hear from you bro! I’ve been on the move for sure… When I dumped the bike back in Baja Mexico, the first thing that came to my mind was the time we were mountain biking out in Utah and Angelo wiped out…and you howled out loud laughing. All I could here as the KLR was laying there in the ditch is you laughing your ass off! Too funny!

      I can’t wait to catch up with you and Sabine at some point …tell her I said oi!

  2. Arlene says:

    Looks like you stayed at a nice place and glad the AAA book worked. Did the place give you a AAA discount? Great room and beautiful atmosphere and glad you got a nice not shower and worked on the bike. You have to treat yourself good every once in a while. The roads ahead seemed lousy and a rough ride according to the blog. Animals, etc. all over the road can really be dangerous for you and for them.

    The pictures of the beaches were gorgeous. Looking forward to the rest of the blog reports.
    Love ya, Mom

  3. Becki Anderson says:

    sounds like a blast!!

    The weather here has been unbelievable! But today really looks like winter skies….carved pumpkins last night and tomorrow Scott leaves for S. DAkota to hunt….finally….a break from cooking!!!

    Really liked the way the Mexacops missed your cam!!! THAT THERE WAZ FUNNY!!!

  4. Arlene says:



  5. Frank Leccese says:

    You have got to be the only Gringo in Mexico. For that matter, there aren’t many Mexican’s either. Only ones I saw are he two setting up the tables in that restaurant.

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