Day 45 – Fort Bragg, CA to San Francisco, CA

Day 45 – Fort Bragg, CA to San Francisco, CA     10/04/10     Mileage: 217   

The air is definitely getting warmer as I move south and it’s a nice change to not freeze my nuts off as I’m packing the bike each morning. Today promised to be some spectacular riding down the Pacific Coast Highway 1 towards San Francisco….and it did not disappoint!   

Along Highway 1...


Along Highway 1...


Yep...more from Highway 1...


Keep your eyes on the road...keep your eyes on the road!


It's this good mile after mile....


There was a cute town tucked away in this cove...very cool.


The road hugs the coast with twists, turns, ups and downs and is so much fun to ride it’s hard to stop and take a picture…I just wanted to keep riding! If the scenery was any less than what it was, I wouldn’t have stopped….but the scenery is simply that amazing.   

The scenery just gets better and better!


...and better!


 I also put my helmet came to work today….here are a few shots it captured along the way.   

Helmet camera 1


Helmet camera 2


Helmet camera 3


Helmet camera 4


Helmet camera 5


Helmet camera 6


Helmet camera 7


Helmet camera 8


Helmet camera 9


Helmet camera 10


I was in touch with an ex-colleague of mine from Jimmy Choo, Linda, who now lives in San Francisco, and she was off today taking her brother Kai, her cousin Blaine and his wife Laina to Napa to do some wine tasting. She invited me to meet up with them…and I couldn’t pass up on that! Linda is a “member” at some of the wineries….and membership has its privileges as we got to do the tastings for free!   

Wine tasting in Napa....even me in my smelly biker outfit complete with beer t-shirt! L to R: Kai, me Linda, Laina, Blaine


We also had an excellent lunch at Mustard’s, a local Napa favorite. Afterwards, Linda, Kai and I headed back to San Francisco to meet up with Linda’s friend Andrew and some other friends at his place. After watching some Monday night football, we went out for dinner and drinks at a local restaurant.   

Linda and Andrew...


Linda’s friend Andrew is actually originally from Argentina and still has family there, so we hit it off immediately and I picked his brain for all the info I could scribble in my Blackberry! After dinner we all called it a night, and it was back to Linda and Kai’s place…which is a sweet 18th floor penthouse overlooking San Francisco bay and the Bay Bridge….nice!   

Sweet digs...


...with a killer view!


 Staying here was quite an upgrade from the tent and budget motels I’ve called home as of late!