Day 58 – San Blas, MX to Manzanillo, MX

Day 58 – San Blas, MX to Manzanillo, MX     10/18/10     Mileage: 286

 Morning in San Blas came with the bellowing mixture of advertisements and local music emanating from a truck with large loud speakers that must charge for ads to blast to the local populace, and the occasional gringo tourist. Not being interested in anything they were advertising, even if I understood what they advertising, I packed up the bike and split. Today was mostly about making miles south, with the notable exception of Puerto Vallarta.

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta!

The beach in Puerto Vallarta

Too bad I couldn't stay...the beach looks nice!

It wasn’t in the cards to stay the night there, but I did head downtown to check out the scene. It has a very walk-able downtown area with cobblestone streets and all the typical tourist shops. It has a nice waterfront where I found a bar serving great fish tacos and cold Pacifico…nice!

A great little bar on the beach....

Living the life!

I spoke with one of the waiters who gave me some great advice for the road south…which was to always pay attention to 1) the pot holes and 2) the vehicles in your side of the road avoiding the potholes in their side of the road! He couldn’t have been more right, as the coast road was horrendous south of Puerto Vallarta and was nerve-racking having to constantly dodge potholes and cars around blind curves sandwiched between the mountain side and the cliff. Nightfall would catch up to me in Manzanillo where I found a nice hotel on the water with secure parking for the motorcycle in the center courtyard.