More posts are on the way…

Hi All!

I’ve haven’t been able to find a reliable internet connection to upload all the pictures, but more posts are coming as soon as I do. Thanks for all the great comments!

Here is a sunset from the other day…

Sunset on the Pacific...

11 Responses to More posts are on the way…

  1. artie baum says: are the greatest..!.. hi, this is cousin artie..this is a monster trip,.you have undertaken..i would have followed you on this trip but i dont no how to prononce..all those’ mexican towns”..i have a hard time getting to jersey!!..if you can keep me updated..stay safe..artie baum

    • Lenny says:

      Hi Artie! Glad you stopped by the blog…thanks for checking in! I can’t pronounce those towns either, I just tell the GPS where to take me!

      • Paul Bell says:

        Lenny!! Love reading your posts, you are an amazing writer who not only teaches me things but has me wetting my pants at times because you are so hilarious!! The pole hotel takes the cake right now– I believe there are more stories we have yet to hear…
        Love you, stay safe
        xo Kim

  2. Arlene says:

    Lenny, I ditto what Kim wrote. Glad someone else can express how they feel. But I also get to worry and glad that you got to Guatemala and looks like you will be there to met Tracy at the airport. Have a great time and get some R and R. You are amazing!!!!!!

    Love ya, Mom and Dad

  3. Joe Baum says:

    Hi Lenny,

    This is your cousin Joe from Baltimore — I just wanted to leave a brief comment that I am following your excursion with a combination of facination and amazement! Spoke with Steve shortly after you left L.A. and he told me how great it was to spend some time with you. Best wishes on your trip of a lifetime! I’m already braggin’ on you to people I know. Regards from my Mom and me — although we haven’t seen you in person for a VERY long time. Stay well.

  4. Erik says:

    So how are the Tacos Pescador down there?


  5. Joe Baum says:

    So — nu?? My comment from 3 days ago is still “awaiting moderation?” What exactly does that mean? It’s not moderate enough? If I get any more moderate I’m afraid I’ll disappear! Or did the web moderator stumble and fall into a coma on the job?

    Hope you’re still having the time of your life — I’m still amazed and fascinated by your ongoing narrative. One of my office-buddies was surprised when I asked him about the last time he was at Loco Rico’s. Apparently I went way up in his estimation, thanks to you. Take care. Joe B

  6. Hey, Lenny

    Remember me, Starbucks in Bonita, CA. I am following your trip and enjoying your pictures and comments. Stay safe and remember… Stay thirsty my friend!

    • Lenny says:

      Hey Steve! Great to hear from you…glad you’re along for the ride! Thanks for the comment and for the directions and info you gave me about the border, that was a big help. No problem with me staying thirsty, especially when the beer is $2!



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