Day 56 – Los Barriles, Baja, Mexico to Topolobampo, Mexico

Day 56 – Los Barriles, Baja, Mexico to Topolobampo, Mexico     10/16/10     Mileage: 94 + a ferry ride!

 Last night turned out to be a late one after all. I ended up meeting the owner of Rico Loco’s…..Crazy Rick himself…and ended up partying with him and his friends until 5am after the bar closed to the public. He then invited everybody back to his house 3 kilometers away, a great house right on the beach! Rick is an ex Baja off-road racer, now bar owner, and apparently donates quite a bit to local schools and charities…pretty cool. So after shaking out the cobwebs and saying adios and gracias to Rick, I was off to La Paz to catch the ferry to Topolobampo on mainland Mexico. This will be ferry ride number 4 for me and the KLR and will take 8 hours to cross the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez).

The California home for the next 8 hours...

The KLR strapped in for ferry ride number 4...

Inside the Baja Ferry California Star...

A view from the bridge of the California Star...

Good bye Baja, next stop mainland Mexico...

The ferry ride was great and very comfortable, complete with a cocktail waitress in a mini-miniskirt that also sang 4 sets of Mexican folk songs. Needless to say she was popular with the local Mexican gents.

Here's a shot of this little latin number....while doing a latin number....while doing a number on the local Mexican gents!

 The ferry pulled into Topolobampo at 9pm…well after dark, so I was looking for a place to stay as soon as I got off the boat. The main road out of town goes towards Los Mochis, and along the way I found a no-tell-motel, and decided to give it a try. “Motels” in Mexico are very different from hotels, as they are rented largely for one purpose…and that is to shag someone you probably shouldn’t be in the first place. This one was 150 pesos…or around $12. Each room has its own garage to put your car in, so that your wife won’t see it when she drives by with her boyfriend.

Even the KLR got her own room tonight. Like me though, there was no one else to fool around with...

The front door to my shag palace...

My room was relatively clean and came complete with running cool and cold water, breath mints and a brass stripper dancing pole.

That pole is not there to hold the roof up!

Swingin' babay, yeah!

The bedding looked clean, but I didn’t take any chances and put the ground sheet for my tent on the bed and slept in my sleeping bag liner.

Not taking any chances...

If you extend your stay and they need to get more money from you, there is a convenient pass-through in the back wall so you don’t have to leave your room and risk being found out!

You put more money in here and spin it around to pass it to the hotel staff to stealthly extend your stay.

So after a cool shower, I was off to bed to catch up on some sleep from the night before.

Here's a shot the next morning of all the empty "rooms"!

Most of these motels also have walls around them for additional privacy.

If you're ever in Topolobampo, MX....give motel Popeye a try! Lol!

8 Responses to Day 56 – Los Barriles, Baja, Mexico to Topolobampo, Mexico

  1. lisa says:

    Lol! That motel with stripper bar is hysterical! Glad you were smart enough to use your own bedding! LOVE the pics of Baja and down the coast. The cabanas on the beach, cool little bars, etc. So cool that you hung out with owner of the bar. love that he donates money to schools! Enjoy and miss you! Lisa

  2. Carla Friedman says:

    Just love your comments and pictures….especially the motel and stripper pole. Ferry looked interesting too. Thanks for taking us along.

    Carla and Stan

    • Lenny says:

      Thanks for tuning in! Yeah, the poll was too funny for sure. I will be staying in more of those I think, especially when the bike needs maintenance….where else can you get a room with a garage for $12! It’s a motorcycle travelers dream come true! Lol!

  3. Nancy says:

    Remember my invention..the Lickety Split Pole Dancing Kit…adjustable to any ceiling height 🙂 I bet I could make a lotta money down there…

    Looks like you are having the time of your life….enjoy 🙂

    • Lenny says:

      If you don’t patent that right now, I will! And by making a lot of money down here, did you mean by selling the kit’s or pole dancing with one? 😛

  4. Arlene says:

    Lenny, didn’t see the blog until after we spoke and you never cease to amaze me………the blog and stories and pictures were the best. You really are having the time of your life because you are doing what you want to do. The pictures really tell it all and the people you meet are very welcoming. Very smart for sleeping in your sleeping bag. Glad you had a place to lock up the bike. I worry about it being stolen. Everyone here are talking about the bedbugs in hotels, schools, office buildings, etc. It has become a huge problem.
    The ferry was beautiful and not what I expected.
    Stay well and stay cool. Love ya, Mom

  5. Tracy says:

    Um…Lennnyyy, are you looking for business opportunities as we discussed? i.e. Locco Ricoo’s????
    Keep yer eyes open!

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