Day 54 – Undisclosed desert campsite, Baja, MX to Ciudad Constitucion, Baja, MX

Day 54 – Undisclosed desert campsite, Baja, MX to Ciudad Constitucion, Baja, MX     10/14/10     Mileage: 424

 I was up early, quickly packed the bike and departed my stealth campsite shortly after dawn. It was foggy but pleasantly cool and I was on the gas to make time. The road was straight for miles on end, much like those deserted roads in Nevada and the desert southwest….ideal for making time by taking some liberties with the speed limit.

Along Highway 1 south...

Along Highway 1 south...

I stopped for gas once before getting to Santa Rosalita situated right on the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez).

Santa Rosalita

Santa Rosalita waterfront...

It was an OK little town, but lacked something that would make it worth staying for more than lunch. For that said lunch, I picked a restaurant on the top of a small hill overlooking the harbor. It wasn’t until I was inside that I realized I was in a Chinese place…in Mexico. Oh well, I wasn’t getting suited back up just to find some fish tacos, so I’ll have the numero quatro with a huevo roll, gracias. Seems Chinese food is the same everywhere…not good, not bad…and fills the hole. So after stuffing myself with sweet and sour chicken, I was off down the east coast of Baja.

This is a long way from Alaska!

The scenery along this area of the coast was stunning with great little secluded beaches, most with little cabanas and beach bars…I had to at least stop for a beer.

There were numerous beach coves all with cabanas and beach bars....nice!

...and another awesome beach...

...and another!

More great scenery along Highway 1

After that it was back on the gas down highway 1 which cuts back across to the western side of Baja to the town of Ciudad Constitucion…where I found a room for $28 with secure parking for the bike.

"Main Street" in Ciudad Constitucion...

I walked around town looking for good wifi, but came up empty. Looks like the blog will have to wait for La Paz or Cabo to get updated…

2 Responses to Day 54 – Undisclosed desert campsite, Baja, MX to Ciudad Constitucion, Baja, MX

  1. Josh says:

    This post really makes me miss Baja! the first beach pictured (playa Santispac) is where I ended up staying several nights actually – great snorkeling there, and great food, beer, and company at the restaurant! My PC’s wallpaper now is in fact a photo of my bike and beach palapa at Santispac:
    Playa Santispac

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