I’m OK and doing great!

For those of you worried for my safety after seeing my SPOT tracker freak out the other night…I’m fine! I left it on accidentally overnight in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of northern Baja…and it was sending all kinds of weird location tracks. I’m currently in southern Baja…trying to find good wireless to update the blog. I should be in La Paz or Cabo by tomorrow.



4 Responses to I’m OK and doing great!

  1. jarla says:

    In the early 1970’s my first husband and I took a 4-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser down the Baja Penisula. At that time Cabo was a very remote fishing village. I”m sure it’s changed mucho since then.

    I guess the travel bug runs deep in some of us!

    Best regards,

    Jarla and Bill

  2. Tracy says:

    You had us worried! Don’t forget to use the SPOT tracker messaging thing next time. Shame on you 🙂

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