Day 44 – Lincoln Beach, OR to Fort Bragg, CA

Day 44 – Lincoln Beach, OR to Fort Bragg, CA     10/03/10     Mileage: 473  

Today I was up early and on the gas again with over 400 miles. I stopped off in Newport for a breakfast burrito and coffee, but was back in the saddle after 15 minutes.  

Sunrise over the Pacific...


The Newport Bridge at Sunrise...


A nice mural in the old town section of Newport...


Another good one...this time of a Coast Guard rescue helo...


The scenery was once again breathtaking and it was hard to keep the KLR on the twisty road while I was rubbernecking for a good look. The 101 is another awesome road purpose built it seems for motorcycles. There are some dull sections, but not many…and when it hugs the coast perched above the Pacific it’s stunning.  

The Pacific Coast through the morning fog...


...complete with a Light House to help guide the ships through it.


Big dunes...big waves....not another person in site...


Another view from the 101...


One of the countless coves along the coast...


And another from the 101 roadside...


Another reason it's hard to keep your eyes on the road...


Parting shot....


In California, the 101 starts to head inland through the mountains and it just a blast to ride. I veered off of 101 onto the 1 and the road got biblically good! It was just at dusk that I reached the Pacific again and I got as far as Fort Bragg, CA. Tomorrow I hope the weather is clear, because the road promises to be epic!

3 Responses to Day 44 – Lincoln Beach, OR to Fort Bragg, CA

  1. Carla Friedman says:

    Will be flying into SF tonight to go to Todd’s. My cell is 732 814 3451. He is in Burlingame. Your trip is amazing…love the pictures.

  2. Lynn Hilliard says:

    Ah, Lenny, I envy you. Hwy. 1 is one of my favorite drives. Done it many times and it never gets old. Just way too beautiful…have a blast!

  3. Nancy says:

    Not sure what your plans are during your trip through Cali…but Santa Cruz is a very cool place. Great surfing community…and filled really nice people.

    The cali top to bottom is such a great adventure…whatever you do I’m sure you’ll have a geat time.

    Nanc 🙂

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