Day 40 – Prince Rupert, BC to Prince George, BC

Day 40 – Prince Rupert, BC to Prince George, BC     09/29/10     Mileage: 466  

This morning I was out the door and on the road by 8:45 after a shower and granola bar for breakfast. Today was more about making miles than smelling the roses, so I took few pictures despite the good scenery.  

Along the way to Prince George...


More roadside scenery...


I did monkey around with my HERO sport camera a bit though.  

View from my HERO cam mounted on my handlebar...


Another HERO cam shot...


...and another...


...last one...


The fall foliage along the way was spectacular…almost as good as Vermont. But what this has that Vermont doesn’t is high soaring peaks like the Rocky Mountains to cap off the vivid fall colors. What made it even better was the overcast skies that eventually gave way to bright sunshine. One other comment about this area of the Pacific Northwest, southeast Alaska and Alaska in general…is the sheer vastness of the wilderness. What is seen from the thin ribbon of asphalt that connects these remote towns can hardly be half of 1% of what is there. The amount of track-less wilderness up here is hard to wrap your mind around.  I found a campsite just south of Price George as there is no rain in the forecast.  

I had this campground all to myself!


Sunset on another great day...


Tomorrow I’ll be heading for Whistler, BC…and another check off for the life list.

4 Responses to Day 40 – Prince Rupert, BC to Prince George, BC

  1. Becki Anderson says:

    Hi there Road Warrior! So…go ahead and tell me you have been to more beautiful country than the 49th!!! We have been a well kept secret for along time! almost like Brigadoon!! So …as the permanent fund is about to come our way, the State of Alaska will soon deposit about 2600 bucks in our bank account! Keeps us all fairly happy …. for a few months!

    i loved the pictures of the South east….oh…by the way…made killer wild duck breats the other day. thought about how you should have had some for you left here! Next time…

    be safe…go as if life awaits around every corner…Becki

  2. Arlene says:

    Was great catching up tonight. Checked in on your blog after we spoke and it is just marvelous. I could not believe that you get to do all you do in a day and even rode a “bike” down the snow slopes. You are amazing and the blog is most enjoyable and impressive.

    Safe trip. Luv ya, Mom

  3. Carla Friedman says:

    Just enjoy looking at my computer each day and “traveling” along with you. The pictures are terrific but I am sure that seeing things in person is amazing. Thanks for “taking me along”.

    Love, Carla

  4. Arlene says:

    Wow, you are up and on the road early today. Hoping you have good weather and don’t push too hard. The weather is crappy here………we put on the heat this morning. You did a lot of riding yesterday……….., I watched you on the Dirty Bones.

    Enjoy, luv, Mom

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