Day 30 – Homer, AK to Seward, AK

Day 30 – Homer, AK to Seward, AK     09/19/10    Mileage: 181  

 Morning on the spit was just as damp, wet, cold and foggy was yesterday…perhaps even a bit worse.  

This is a picture of a picture of the Homer Spit when it isn't covered in fog!


I decided to just pack up and head straight back to the Cosmic Kitchen for another breakfast burrito. So with the bike packed and helmet on, I thumbed the starter and…..nothing. I adjusted the choke, and tried again….nothing. Luckily I knew right away what was wrong….I’ve been meaning to clean my air filter after all those dusty dirt roads, but just kept putting it off. So, off with the helmet, out with the tool kit and when I pulled the air filter, it was caked with dirt. While all this was going on, my camp neighbor Curt (and his wife Deb) who I was talking to last night saw I was having trouble and came over to chat. We got to talking again and it turns out he is a retired California Highway Patrolman….a real life CHiP! He’s got over 500,000 miles in the saddle without an accident….amazing! He asked where else I was heading and I said down the west coast into Baja Mexico….etc. Just then he said “Baja…I have a place in Baja…you should swing by when your down there!” We exchanged info…and I sure hope the timing works out, it would be great to have a contact down in there. Not to mention that he’s a pretty interesting guy and he and his wife Deb are super nice. I sure am glad my bike didn’t start.  

Curt and Deb


So back to the task at hand…I poured some gas from the stove on the filter to clean it off, re-oiled it and put it back in the air box. This time when I pushed the magic button, my trusty KLR roared to life. With the bike re-packed, I said farewell to Curt and Deb and headed for town. The Cosmic Kitchen was closed, but I did find a place that also had a great breakfast burrito. So with both me and the bike full of gas, I started backtracking north up the Kenai towards Seward. The fog was still thick and the going was slow, but 80 miles up the road veered away for the coast and came out from under the fog into the glorious sunshine. The road then made its way into the mountains past the aquamarine waters of Kenai Lake.  

Kenai Lake


Once over Moose Pass the road descended into Seward with great scenery all along the way.  

View of a lake close to Moose Pass on the road to Seward...


Mountains above Seward, AK


View from the town of Seward...


Another good view from town


I pitched my tent in the town campsite right along the waterfront and then set off to find some wifi to update the blog.  

Camping in Seward, AK


Once done, it was back to camp for some tuna strohgenhoff…which you will not see on any menu anywhere for good reason. It was however hot and filled the hole in my stomach. My camp neighbors tonight were Phil and Kelly from Australia and were great fun to talk to!  

Phil and Kelly


They have been working in Banff the last two years and are taking a few months off to travel around Canada and Alaska. I asked if they know Webble…but they didn’t…though I will make the introduction! It also turns out we might be looking to get on the same ferry in Haines…that would be cool. So after a few hours of good conversation, we all called it a night.

4 Responses to Day 30 – Homer, AK to Seward, AK

  1. Arlene says:

    How lucky can you get? You have a problem with the bike and find out Deb and Curt have a place in Baja. I feel better already about you going through Mexico…….Curt looks like he can take care of anything.
    I am trying to figure out where the ferry from Haines takes you……..are you planning to leave Alaska….seems like you are really enjoying yourself. The pictures are out of this world.
    Love ya, Mom

  2. Erik says:

    Nice! Great job on the updates…you are having a great ADV. Now…keep that filter clean. It will help give you better mileage and make your Iron Horse last longer! How are you chain and sprockets lasting? Do you have a few spare links and 2 spare master links in you kit? If you have an O-ring chain you need some special chain tools for certain types of Master links. A file and chain breaker are must haves. The chain is one thing that can bite you if you are not careful….perhaps carry a spare as yours gets toward the end of its life……of course you know all this from our epic ride in the Pines! Have you changed your oil and filter yet? are you running full synthetic oil? I have been working on lightening my tool kit. Just picked up 2 Alloy Motion Pro brand tire irons that have a 27mm on the end of one, and a 13/14mm on the end of the other. I also have a 3/8 in driver attachment that fits inside the 27mm end. These 3 lightweight items replace my 2 steel irons, steel ratchet driver and 3 steel wrenches! I can order some KLR specific stuff and have it sent to SD or WA if you want. It is very nice but kinda pricey. I think it was about 65 or $75 for those 3 items.

    Keep up the good work…..


  3. Brett Rand says:

    Hi Lenny, you are doing something I never took the chance to do in my 20 years of riding. Ride safe and never rush. Looking forward to reading all your updates. I just read sept. 20th and enjoyed the experience thru you.

    • Lenny says:

      Thanks Brett…great to hear from you! I know what you mean about rushing, but it’s hard for me sometimes…..I have to force myself to slow down from time to time. I think once I get farther south and it gets warmer, I’ll be more inclined to smell the roses a bit more. Take a care and safe travels! -Lenny

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