Day 35-36 – Juneau, AK

Day 35-36 – Juneau, AK     09/24-25/10     Mileage: 0 

The past two days have been a nice break from the daily riding. Although the weather was cold and rainy, I still got to see the sights…and was glad to not have to ride in it! I ran some errands, tracked down a new headlight bulb for the bike and got a haircut. Juneau is a great town with a very walk-able and cool downtown area. I walked around with Phil, Kelly and Rebecca (and Fiona) and went to the Alaska Brewery to sample the goods! 

Sampling the goods at Alaskan Brewery...


L to R: Rebecca, Kelly and Phil at the Alaskan Brewery


Walking around downtown Juneau...


Walking around town...Rebecca and Fiona


I got to spend time with Dori and lots of her Forest Service friends which was great fun! They are a great bunch of people, all very friendly, adventurous and with interesting personal stories. 

Dori and a lot of her Forest Service friends...


She also took me to an “end of the tourist season” party at a local bar…well, end of the season save for one smelly biker! The Mendenhall Glacier near town was also spectacular despite the weather. 

The Mendenhall Glacier near downtown Juneau...


Tomorrow morning it’s up early and off to the ferry terminal to catch the fast ferry to Sitka.


Off the ferry…

Hi All,

I got off the ferry late last night and I’m now in Prince Rupert, BC. I’ll be heading for Price George, BC today and will update the blog as soon as I can! Thanks for all the great comments!