Day 29 – Homer, AK

Day 29 – Homer, AK     09/18/10     Mileage: Local mileage  

 The cold fog that enveloped most of Homer last night came back with a vengeance this morning. The Homer Spit where I camped is a thin ribbon of gravel with few buildings that juts out into the open water. The tent fly was soaked with condensation and everything was damp. I decided to stay another night on the spit, so I left my tent up and went back to town to find some breakfast with a side of wifi.  

Here comes the fog...


The fog rolling in...


Looking down the Homer Spit...


My camp on the spit...


I stumbled across the Cosmic Kitchen which not only had wifi, but also the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had! After getting caught up on the blog, I did some grocery shopping and went to the hardware store for a few items. After that I went east out of town on a road appropriately named East End Road, as it was recommended to me by several locals.  

View of the bay from East End Road...


View of the bay from East End Road...


Looking across the bay at the glaciers...


Looking across the bay from East End Road


It turned to dirt near the end and went over a cliff down a series of steep switchbacks that brought you down to the waters edge.   

On the beach after the steep switch-back trail...


Just beyond where I stopped there were some Russian villages…which I think are holdovers from when Alaska was part of Russia.  It was well worth the trip as it also offered great views of the mountains and glaciers on the other side of the bay.   

Another view across the bay...


View of the bay towards Homer...and the fog...


After returning to town, I fueled up and went back out to the spit to the Salty Dawg for a beer (or two).  

Inside the famous Salty Dawg Saloon...


Back at camp I took in the great sunset, cooked some noodles and tuna for dinner and called it a night.  

Sunset on the Homer Spit...


Nice sunset at my camp on the spit...


Tomorrow I’ll backtrack north on the Kenai towards Seaward and Whittier.

6 Responses to Day 29 – Homer, AK

  1. Becki Anderson says:

    Wow!! Now there is something I never knew about East End Road…was the switchback ATV worthy, or foot and mountian bike trail? That is sooooo cool!!!!

  2. Martin says:


    Im following your blog since Day 5 and it is a pleasure.
    If you planning on the way back hit NC it would be a pleasure to host u. You can shoot me an email and i can give u more details.

    • Lenny says:

      Hi Martin!

      Glad you like the blog! Thanks for the invite and if my route home takes me through NC I will let you know for sure!



      • Martin says:


        I checked your SPOT and see that you are really close to Western North Carolina.
        Let me know when you staying?
        It would be nice to meet you.

      • Lenny says:

        Hey Martin!

        I’m just saw your comment now…oh well…I’m already in northern Virginia. Maybe next time around! 🙂

        Safe travels…

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