Day 9 – Landers, WY – Yellowstone National Park

Day 9 – Landers, WY – Yellowstone National Park     08/29/10     Mileage: 255
After a much needed night’s sleep, we packed up the bikes and were on the road shortly after 8. I loved the cool dry morning air and it seems the KLR did as well as she was running as smooth as ever. After a great moose sighting and a quick stop for gas in Dubois, we continued to push west.

Gasing up in Dubois, WYxDowntown Dubois, WY


We had our first “taste” of adventure when we came upon several miles of road construction. Now, normally “road construction” implies there is an actual road that is currently under construction. Not so in this case as the pavement completed ended giving way to a rocky morass of mud and dirt. The KLR fared well as it is an off-road bike at heart and has semi off-road tires. Paul had a harder time on the big Beemer shod with half bald street tires. He did a hell of a job just keeping the bike upright. We would have stopped for a picture, but we both had our hands full keeping the bikes upright and moving forward. Thankfully the mud gave way to pavement after a few miles and we were able to let the bikes run once again. The scenery was improving with each mile we rode, but the grand finale came when we crested a pass to see before us the full grandeur of the Teton Mountains and Grand Teton.    

Grand Teton


 No amount of words or pictures can fully describe the scale and beauty that lay before us.    

Teton National Park


Paul and I and the Teton's


Taton's and bikes...


After the requisite photo’s, it was onward to Grand Teton National Park which led us into Yellowstone.    

Fellow NJ travelers!


Paul and the Grand Teton...


Grand Teton...


Teton National Park


The Teton's across Jackson Lake...


Crossing the Continental Divide...


We had a packed lunch overlooking Jackson Lake, and then it was on to Old Faithful. We went in to check out the Old Faithful Inn which was very cool and has been there since the late 1800’s!    

Old Faithful Inn


Old Faithful Inn


Inside the Old Faithful Inn...


Inside the Old Faithful Inn...


Inside the Old Faithful Inn


They had a nice deck overlooking Old Faithful where we procured a few beers and settled into our ring side seats for the geyser show.    

Chillin with an Old Faithful beer on the Old Faithful Inn deck!


Paul on the Old Faithful Inn deck...


Living the life...


 Though it was 12 minutes “late”, Old Faithful did not disappoint.    

Old Faithful in action!


Old Faithful Inn!


When we got back to the bikes, some folks had left a note on Paul’s bike informing us that the ravens had taken a liking to his riding gloves and the Velcro fasteners on my tank bag.    

The "Raven Note"...


Damn ravens!


After procuring some provisions and fuel, it was onward to seek out a campground for the night.    

Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam...


 Once at the campground, a park ranger told us about a nightly presentation about the parks history.    

Camping in Yellostone National Park


 So, after setting up camp we went over to the presentation.    

History of Yellowstone...kind of...


 In short, Paul liked it…but after 10 minutes I wanted to blow my brains out! Perhaps it was the impatient part time NY’er in me…but the only thing keeping me there were the 10 people blocking my retreat! Afterwards, it was back to the tents for some much needed rest.

One Response to Day 9 – Landers, WY – Yellowstone National Park

  1. Nicole says:

    My park service biology friends have told me fascinating stories about the bears out there, and their ability to “gain access” to cars with food in them. If the ravens are that talented, I can’t imagine a bear vs. bike encounter! You better tie that thing to a string and haul it up into a tree! And as far as that note is concerned, after seeing the contruction inside the Old Faithful Inn, I am convinced the note was written by one of the Ewok’s hiding out in there.

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