Day 3 – Marshall, IL to Emporia, KS

Day 3 – Marshall, IL to Emporia, KS     08/23/10     Mileage: 509 

The morning was dank and damp so I was all to happy to pack up and hit the road. My spirits lifted with the fog as it was now sunny, dry and warm…perfect weather for riding. There are not many pictures from today as the scenery was average and I was still trying to make time. Yesterday I had stopped for some road groceries so as not to get trapped into eating fast food out of convenience. I picked up whole wheat flatbread, organic peanut butter and honey….cheap, fast, portable and good. 

Gourmet dinning on my side-case lid next to a gas pump.


The goal for today was to make it to Emporia, KS to visit my friend Cara who I only get to see once every year or two. I ended up getting there just before dinner, so after a quick shower it was off to an authentic Mexican joint she knew of. The portions were huge and delicious and came complete with a big ass margarita. Perfect! 

Cara at the "Casa"


Next we hit the local dive bar for a few beers and met up with her friend Anthony. 

Cara and I


Cara and Anthony


 After a few beers, it was off to get some much needed rest….it will be a long day in the saddle if I’m going to make it to my next stop in Golden Colorado.

Day 2 – New Stanton, PA to Marshall, IL

Day 2 – New Stanton, PA to Marshall, IL     08/22/10     Mileage: 478   

I woke up to find it still raining from the night before, and as I was already behind…there was no waiting it out. I packed up the bike in the rain and set out on I-70, but luckily it ended an hour later and the roads began to dry out. As came up to Pickerington, OH, out of the corner of my eye on the opposite side of the road I caught a glimpse of the sign for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame…cool! That’s a no brainer of a stop and I’m glad I did. While not huge, there was some great motorcycle on display.    

In front of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.


Might be more comfortable than the's a toss up!


1949 Norton


Harley Davidson Race Bike


1971 Husqvarna 400 Cross


Later on that day I pulled off in a rest area and spotted a fellow Adventure Rider on a Buell Ulysses. He was on his way home from a 2700+ mile loop from IL to Maine and back in 5 days.   

Fellow ADV Rider


As it was getting dark, I was looking for a place to stay and found a campsite just south of Marshall, IL. The ranger office was closed, so poached a campsite and made an early exit the next morning. Though it was not a comfortable nights sleep, at least the price was right….$0.

Day 1 – Frenchtown, NJ to New Stanton, PA

Day 1 – Frenchtown, NJ to New Stanton, PA     08/21/2010  

No alpine start for me today as I spent the morning helping to clean up after the party, having a leisurely breakfast at the Frenchtown Cafe with John and Tracy and doing last minute preparation.  

Breakfast at the Frenchtown Cafe



So at the crack of 2pm, I set of with my buddy John leading the way on his orange KTM 625.  

Johnny O and I


I'm Off!


We slid over the Delaware River into PA then north toward I-78 along the Delaware River.  

Crossing the Delaware


Johnny O in PA


 John rode with me out onto the highway and then with a nice 3rd gear wheelie and a wave goodbye, he peeled off the highway and I was on my own heading west.   

Crossing into PA


The day was uneventful but short at only 291 miles. Home for the night would be a motel in New Stanton, PA…my location when the rain and nightfall caught up with me.

The send off soiree….

My friends John and Sabine hosted a little send off party Friday night. It was great to see everyone one last time before the trip!  

John had a new drink going that was a big hit: Squeeze half a lime and lemon over ice in a pint glass, poor in ice cold vodka, splash of cran and then ever so delicately lay the seltzer on top. My nickname for it now is the “velvet hammer”. The effect is a light fizzy start that runs you over like a bus at the end!     

Here are some pics…     

Tracy with John's "velvet hammer" drink special...


Jagger anyone?


Tracy, Sabine and I



Jill, Paul and the twins.


Wherever there is sin, that's where I must go.


…more to come!