Day 10 – Yellowstone – Missoula, MT

Day 10 – Yellowstone – Missoula, MT     08/30/10     Mileage:   329 

Morning came at 6am…or more specifically some jackasses car alarm in the next campsite. The temperature was in the 30’s and it was starting to rain. There was no avoiding the inevitable, so we packed the bikes and got on the road. We rode around 10 miles when and were stopped at a construction road block…and to boot it started to rain in earnest. Cold, wet, no way forward, and no way back…ummm this officially sucks. Once the road block lifted, we started to head up a small mountain pass only to be greeted by sleet, freezing rain and a gravel mud road. The consitions were dicey at best, but we pressed on. My only consolation is that with every mile I am slowly earning the ADV (Adventure Rider) sticker on my side bag. There are not many pictures from today, because if we stopped we might not have the will to get back on the bikes!    

Elk! OK, that was pretty cool to be so close...


Yellowstone Park north entrance arch...


We were in and out of rain all day up into Montana ending up in Missoula where we tracked down a new rear tire for Paul’s 1150GS at Big Sky Cycles.   

Big Sky Cycles, Missoula, MT


After finding a hotel and a bite to eat, it was off to get some rest. Tomorrow we hope to cross Glacier National Park and on into Canada…

2 Responses to Day 10 – Yellowstone – Missoula, MT

  1. Carla Friedman says:

    Lenny, I love this blog and so admire you doing this. I was talking to Brett Rand about your trip today and send him your site. Todd is in San Francisco and will send him this too. Enjoy…. love seeing this and feeling part of your adventures.

    Love, Carla

  2. Lenny says:

    Thanks Carla! The blog is a bit of work to keep up with, but very rewarding….I’m glad you like it! Hope all is well with you…


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