Day 202 – 205 – San Carlos de Bariloche, AR

Day 202 – 205 – San Carlos de Bariloche, AR      03/11-14/11      Mileage: Local miles

I spent the last few days mostly getting caught up on the blog, running errands and drinking my body weight in cheap (but very good!) Argentinian wine.

 The hostal had a pub downstairs and it was always full of partying travelers, so that was good time! They also had a big traditional Argentinian assado Friday night which was great. 

Meat, it’s whats for dinner….  😀

I took a day trip on the bike out to tour the west end of the lake on some spectacular roads, passing by the famous Llao Llao Hotel which is situated in an amazing setting.

You can see the Hotel Llao Llao on a hill in the middle of the picture….

I’m not sure what kind of birds these are, but they were big!

The famous Hotel Llao Llao

I also went up to have a look at the Catedral ski area and rode to the top of Cerro Otto with a great panoramic view of the whole area.

The view from the top of Cerro Otto…

Bariloche is a great place to relax and spend some time for sure. I also bumped into Alex yet again, which would make it the 4th time in 4 different countries. He saw my bike out front when he passed by and stopped in to say hi…too funny!

I also went to the Honda dealer to borrow a 27mm socket and breaker bar to change out the drive sprocket, rear sprocket and drive chain as it was starting to show signs of significant ware.

 They offered to wash the bike for free, didn’t charge me for using their tools and moved some of their bikes out of the way so I could use their patio to work on my bike…..great guys!

Looks good as new!

Tomorrow it’s back on the road south and back over the Andes to Chile to ride the Carretera Austral…

4 Responses to Day 202 – 205 – San Carlos de Bariloche, AR

  1. carla friedman says:

    Have a bottle of wine for me.

  2. Lynn Hilliard says:

    It looks more as if you’re in the Alps than the Andes…the buildings look very European. What heaven!

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