Day 168 – Huacachina, PE to Chahuanca, PE

Day 168 – Huacachina, PE to Chahuanca, PE      02/05/11      Mileage: 304

I was on the throttle shortly after 8 and eating up tarmac across the open desert south of Ica.

My route took me by the famous Nazca Lines so that was worth a quick stop and 2 soles to climb the observation tower.

You could also take a tour by plane for around $50, but in the end I decided to skip it and keep rolling. The road turned sharply up into the desert mountains and the air was once again getting thinner and colder.

I don’t have any pictures from the last half of the ride because it was abject misery…cold driving rain, fog and countless switchbacks which while fun on dry roads, suck the big one in the pouring rain when all you want to do is make time to end the suffering. I pulled into Chahuanca like a drowned rat and took the first room I looked at…which I was told was the honeymoon suite.

I had a hearty dinner in the restaurant downstairs and then retired to my suite for some well earned rest.

10 Responses to Day 168 – Huacachina, PE to Chahuanca, PE

  1. Arlene says:

    You had two really full days!!!!!!! God was watching over you. It reminded me of the time you were thrown off the bike when you were stationed in Atlantic City. I always say that you have to watch the other guy and don’t take it for granted that they are stopping. I can see why you were shook up! Did the truck driver give them a lift??? What happens…….Do they wait for the Troopers or local police??
    Lenny, the photos are beyond words. The place you stayed with the sand dunes surrounding it was amazing………what happens when there are strong winds…….can’t stay out by the pool if wind is blowing downwards??
    Sorry you had so much rain but glad you got a place to stay and relax after such trying days. Stay well and dry and safe riding. Love ya, Mom

    • Lenny says:

      Yes, he was for sure that day. I think some people were calling the Transito Policia from their cell phones, so I think it’s just like the US in that regard. Huacachina was an interesting stop for the night, not sure what they do if the wind was blowing that hard, though it is pretty protected by the surrounding dunes…..

  2. Dear Lenny:

    I really liked to find out your ride from Deadhorse to Ushuaia!

    You are almost a Fazedor de Chuva ( Rain Maker) one of the best Elite of the World’s Motorcyclists.

    The Fazedores de Chuva ( Rain Makers) is an association of the riders who rode from/to Ushuaia, in Argentina to/from Prudhoe Bay, in US, crossing all the countries in their ways, like you are doing.

    We are proud to follow and support your ride in order to give to you our wellcomes, the shield, the patch, the certificate and also, to give to you the title of Grande Cacique Fazedor de Chuva (Rain Maker Great Chief) when you reach Ushuaia.

    Keep going!

    In many places in the Americas we have some friends and if you need any help, please let us know because we can help you.

    Next week my wife Angela and myself are leaving to Ushuaia in order to accomplish our third trip from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia, with our Honda Valkyrie, so we really would like to meet you there and if it’s possible “to baptism” you in the Southern waters.

    Here you go my address in the city of Balneário Camboriú, State of Santa Catarina, in the Southern of Brazil where you can stay. 

    You are very wellcome!

    Just now we are hosting another Grande Cacique Fazedor de Chuva, Elton Marks, from San Bernardino, CA, who rode from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia with his BMW GS.

    He is leaving back home next 20th!

    Avenida Atlantica, 4070
    Edificio Frankfurt apto 701 
    47 3361 0060 home
    47 9159 8537 cellphone
    Two ways (Nextel) 55*96*28907 – Elton keeps this phone now
    Skype : dolordanubio 

    Take care and let me know from where are you going down!
    Dolor Danubio da Silva

    Sent from my iPad

    • Lenny says:

      Hi Dolor!

      Thanks so much for the invite and the help (that I hope I won’t need!). I will definitely drop in on my way through Brazil. Wow….3 times from Deadhorse to TDF…on a Valkyrie…damn! If it worked out that we were able to meet on the road somewhere, that would be great!

      Safe travels and keep in touch!


  3. finally upto date…all the names are familiar, many of them are ones that i’ll be going thru hading north, good to see what i’m heading into…ride safe and if you get cold hug a lama!!!

  4. Arlene says:

    Amazed by how many people are riding. Wondered how does Dolor get his bike and themselves from South to Central America…….fly or boat????
    It is so cold and windy here and I just hope it isn’t to bad where you are. Stay warm and well and safe. You have quite a few new people following you this week.
    Love ya, Mom

  5. bumbas says:

    Hi Lenny,
    Wonderful to see how the trip is going, the pictures are terrific. I just showed the blog to Helen (Amir and I are visiting in FLA) But Helen doesn’t think she can find your blog again, and it’s even money she can’t open her email again. But she thinks you’re wonderful and sends you her best. as do I and Amir – and to quote Groucho Marx, “I may be wonderful, but I think you’re crazy”. All the best Lenny and Bon Voyage.

    • Lenny says:

      Hey Steve! So good to hear from you! That is too funny about Aunt Helen…LOL! Thanks so much for the encouragement. There is a chance I may be exiting South America via Miami, and if so tell Aunt Helen to expect a visit! I hope all is well with all of you as well.

      Take care!


  6. athar says:

    just found your blog few days ago.
    Now, I regularly visit your blog.
    it’s a dream ride for me. ride safely ….


    • Lenny says:

      Hi Athar! Glad to have you along for the ride…. When you DO make your dream a reality, let me know how I can help out…



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