Day 158 – Caraz, PE

Day 158 – Caraz, PE      01/26/11      Mileage: 55 local miles

The plan for today was to dash up to Laguna Paron high in the Cordillera Blanca, snap some pictures and then head south for Huaraz.

That way, gringo…

The high peaks were mostly shrouded in clouds, which was too bad but it was still a nice setting.

I was hoping the run to Laguna Paron would take only 2 hours…but it ended up taking 4, so I didn’t have enough time to get down to Huaraz the long way through the Cordillera. My plan for the day nixed, I decided to stay in Caraz another night, then make the run to Huaraz first thing tomorrow. That also gave me time to get caught up on the blog that is several days behind. For dinner I went back to Cafe Terraza which is nice little joint just off the main square.

Tomorrow the road I’m taking crosses the mountains, so I hope the weather is clear so I can get a good look at the snow capped peaks that eluded me today.