Day 155 – Celendin, PE to Huamachuco, PE

Day 155 – Celendin, PE to Huamachuco, PE      01/23/11      Mileage: 169

I rolled out of town into the chilly mountain air at 7:45 this morning. The road immediately started climbing and the scenery was great, but not on the same scale as two days ago.

The road was dirt all the way up and over the pass but turned to fresh pavement shortly before the town of Banos del Inca where I stopped for a quick bite.

My first Inca Cola…tastes kind of like Red Bull I think…but I’m not a soda drinker.

Continuing south through the rolling hills on the fresh pavement was a nice reprieve from the dirt roads…but it wasn’t to last.

It wasn’t long before the new pavement gave way to a tar/gravel mixture that demands your full attention, but soon that was gone too and I was back on the dirt.

The last several miles into Huamachuco were the worst roads of the day and I was glad they were behind me when I pulled into town. I found a home for the night right on the central square which had secure parking in their center courtyard only feet from my room. I always sleep better when I know my girl is close by. 😉

I still had some daylight so I cleaned the air filter, topped up the oil and tightened the right side pannier. I also checked the brake pads and both the front and rear will need to be replaced soon…no problem though as I’m carrying 2 spare sets.

After a shower I went to an internet joint to work on the blog followed by dinner at the Cafe Dona Emilia on the main square, which the guide book says is biggest central square in Peru.

The main square is very big…and meticulously well kept.

8 Responses to Day 155 – Celendin, PE to Huamachuco, PE

  1. Arlene says:

    The “taxi cabs” are a riot. They look like a motorcycle contraption. Nice to be closed in when it is raining. You are lo lucky to be able to fix the bike and have the stuff with you. You really are prepared. You had good training.
    Take care and stay well and safe.
    Love ya, Mom and Dad

  2. Pete Shebey says:

    Hey Lenny,

    How does this part of the trip, being in green forests, hot weather, and not speaking the language (I know you have tried lol) compare to the Alaska trek, cold, wet and homeless(the tent)? Which do you find more enjoyable? Which one would you visit again?

    Are you going to visit any ruins in Peru? They look like they are of amazing quality and quality there.

    You are missing a badass winter here, skiing has been sweet pocono wise! But Killington has been just ok.

    Btw….Chad says hello!

    Later pete

    • Lenny says:

      Hey Pete!

      It’s all good in it’s own way. I like the change of seasons at home…and I like the change on the road too. If it were 5 months of tropical beaches I’d be as tired of that as 5 months of freezing in Alaska! I am visiting some ruins for sure….been to Markawamachuco and Chan Chan…planing on Chavin and of course Machu Pichu. You could spend 6 months in Peru and not see all the ruins sites here….

      I know I’m missing a hell of a winter…damn! Oh well….can’t have it all!!

  3. Arlene says:

    We have a winter Wonderland!!!! The houses and trees are all covered with snow and it looks just beautiful out. Dad is outside with the snowblower and the sun is out and snow is everywhere. Schools are closed and it is a digout day again. Now……….are you homesick for NJ, USA??
    You’re gaining followers on the blog and we are living through your eyes but how is your butt?(no pun intended)
    Stay well and safe, Love ya, Mom

  4. Nancy says:

    What a great post. The mountains…and roads are amazing. I love the animated taxis…and beautifull town sqaures….my visit to Peru was more southeast…I hope that’s on your itinerary.

    The bike looks like it’s in great shape for your upcoming travel.

    More snow…15 inches…still digging out in LB.

    Be safe…haave fun…Nanc 🙂

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