Day 143 – Quito, EC

Day 143 – Quito, EC      01/11/11      Mileage: 0

Today I combined a walk around the New City with a few errands.

Two cops and a KLR…


This is a fast food chain…funny!

The top of the list was to find batteries for my SPOT Tracker. It runs only on AAA lithium batteries, and it eats them like candy. They are expensive at $8 for a 2 pack and down here they have proved difficult to find as well…I’ve been looking for them since Panama. I checked a number of stores but finally found them in a supermarket….score! I don’t remember the last time I was in a supermarket, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I missed it a little. Even at half the size of one in the U.S., it had everything you need, all neatly organized under one roof…ahhhh…no hunting around in 20 different stores. There, I said it! I’m a hypocrite….because as many of you know I don’t like shopping in supermarkets at home…I like Trader Joes and other small markets.

Nothing says convenience more than sangria, already in a carafe with the fruit on the top.

Next I did what has come to be my favorite thing to do no matter what city I’m in, and that is to sit in a sidewalk cafe and watch the city pass by. I also use the time to do some writing for the blog…if I didn’t the blog would be somewhere back in Baja Mexico! After my fill of passers by, I started walking back towards the hostal when I saw a Buel Ulysses sitting in the window of a shop. I went over to have a closer look and was greeted by Court, the owner of Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental. It turns out he was from NYC working a corporate job and got fed up, quite and rode his Buel down to South America. Hmmm, sounds eerily familiar. He liked Quito so much, he came back and opened up Freedom Bike Rental.

He does tours and rents everything from mountain bikes, to scooters, to KLR’s, to BMW R1200GSA’s. He also has self guided GPS tours available. We chatted for a bit and about my route through Ecuador and he gave me some good ideas. I’m so glad I stopped in! So, if you’re in Ecuador and need to rent a bicycle or motorcycle or want a fully guided tour or anything in between, Court is your man.

Here are his contact details…

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental
Jeronimo Carrion E4-133 y Amazonas
Quito, Pinchincha, Ecuador
Tel: +593 (02) 600-4459
Owner: Court Rand

I said adios to Court and went back to the hostal to get some work done for my task master…I mean blog.  😛  After getting two more posts up, I’m now only 2 days behind…righteous! I think I’ll celebrate with a Pilsener or 10…and maybe even a Jagger if I can find a bottle…