Day 151 – Loja, EC to Zumba, EC

Day 151 – Loja, EC to Zumba, EC      01/19/11      Mileage: 109

This morning while I was out at an internet joint, the package that I’ve been waiting weeks for showed up! Now I was free to make a run for the border, so I quickly packed up the bike and rolled south towards Peru.

Looking back at Loja on the way out of town…

The road from Loja turned to dirt and stayed dirt all the way to Zumba…about 15 miles north of the Peru border.

Yep, another fresh land slide that I have to wait to be cleared…

Along the way I met 2 bicyclists from Scotland. They started out in Buenos Aires 5 months ago and plan to ride all the way to the U.S….and people think I’m crazy…ha! We chatted for a bit and exchanged maps…they gave me their Peru map and I gave them my maps of Ecuador and Central America.

I rolled into Zumba around 5 and found a hotel room for $6…no running water though.

The view of the Zumba town square from my hotel…

Not bad for $6…

No Egyptian cotton here, just alphabet sheets…

I had a bodega dinner…4 beers, crackers, and some spongy twinky like thingy. Tomorrow it’s on to Peru!

6 Responses to Day 151 – Loja, EC to Zumba, EC

  1. Arlene says:

    Sorry you had so much riding on the dirt road but the landslides are scary. $6.00 for a room is great but no running water??? Do they have an outhouse and well water??? Just what every mother wants to hear.

    The couple from Scotland beat you………what do they do, send clothes and stuff to the next country??? What do they do for a living that they can travel like that?????? Glad you traded maps and I am sure they were glad to get yours and to exchange stories.

    Looking forward to hearing about your days in Peru and seeing pictures. People are living vicariously through your eyes. It is bitterly cold here, 15 degrees today.
    Stay well and safe. Love ya, Mom

    • Lenny says:

      Dirt is good…no need to be sorry! For a shower´they offered me a bucket of cold water….nice. I´m not sure what they did for a living, but they´ll be on the road another 4-5 months I think they said…

  2. Melinda says:

    Lenny, You don’t know me but Im Chad Roseman’s mom. As of Jan 4th we are now living in Boquete, Panama. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m enjoying your trip.
    If you come back to Boquete please give us a shout. It will get you a clean bed, shower and meals, and of course a few beers.

    Stay safe,

    • Lenny says:

      Hi Melinda!

      Wow…Boquete…lucky you….what a great place to live! Thanks so much for the offer, I appreciate it! If I go back through Panama expect am email from me…thanks! 🙂

  3. Lynn Hilliard says:

    Well, Lenny, you’re seen “Romancing the Stone”, I’m sure … you’ve just gotta’ expect those landslides!

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