Day 147 – Banos, EC

Day 147 – Banos, EC      01/15/11      Mileage: 0

This morning, or more likely long ago, I ran out of anything remotely interesting to say about the morning ritual of breakfast and updating the blog and email. I also spent a fair amount of time on the phone with UPS loosing my mind. I had sent some maps and parts for my helmet from the states and it was supposed to be delivered to Hostal San Blas a good 5 days prior to my arrival. Well, it never made it and UPS in Ecuador is NOTHING like the generally efficient and well run company in the states…it’s a total shit show…and that is to say nothing of the apparently equally as inefficient Ecuador customs. So, I’m now trying to have the package sent ahead to southern Ecuador…time will tell if that will work out or not. Afterwards I ran some small errands before heading back to the hotel to chill for a bit.

Another KLR policia bike….

What trip to Banos would be complete without a visit to one of the famous thermal pools, so in the early evening I went over to the Banos de la Virgen. It was Saturday night and it was packed! The cost was only $3 to get in and I did manage to find a bit of space in the upper pool, so it was all good.

After a good soak and a shower, I went over to the Swiss Bistro for a little dinner. Swiss food you say….in Ecuador? Sure! Why not, after all it is in the mountains, they do have a bit of snow on them and there are many cows…that’s close enough in my book!

Roughing it yet again….   😉

4 Responses to Day 147 – Banos, EC

  1. Nancy says:

    I love the exterior of the Swiss Restaurant….and the food and wine look delicious!

    I feel your pain with UPS…I have had a lot of trouble with them this past year…one time I drove up and down most of the streets in Long Beach….so I could get a laptop off the truck…I was home waiting and he said there was no answer…right….like Shane would let him sneak by 🙂

    Really enjoying your blog…recent scenery was breathtaking…..

    So happy to see that you ARE having the time of your life 🙂


    • Lenny says:

      Thanks Nanc….I am for sure! 😀 You heading to H this weekend? I’m sure the snow must be GREAT!

      • Nancy says:

        Working from home today 🙂 Conditions this year have been really good…even at Hunter 🙂 Last weekend was cold but it was sunny and since it’s been so dry…we had really nice packed pow…with little stashes here and there.

        Chris has to work on Sunday….so we may stay home…we have been there for the past 7 weekends….but we may go on Friday night ski Saturday and then head home…he hates to miss a day of Ski Patrolling….or the boys club as I call it 🙂 We will make that call Friday….they did get more snow this week.

        What are the odds of you skiing Chili this July/August?

  2. Arlene says:

    9:30pm Tuesday night
    Hi Lenny, I see that you wrote on the blog about the UPS mixup. Well, I just spoke to a supervisor after callingtonight at 9:00pm and being told they tried to deliver it to Quito address today but no one was there. After stewing for 15 minutes I recalled and waited 15 minutes of a supervisor. Her name is Askley and she is going to call me by 11:00am tomorrow morning after calling the Ecuador UPS because they have the new address and hopefully they will try to deliver it tomorrow to the new address. She saw that the new address was given at 8:59am today.
    The girl I spoke to at 9:00pm said that you had to call the Ecuador UPS in the morning and that was not enough for me. I am glad I spoke to the supervisor and hopefully we will know more in the morning.

    Keep cool and they might still come through. Love ya, Mom
    PS We should all say a little prayer that Lenny gets the package with the maps so he can have a better trip.

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