Day 136 – Cerca Valparaiso, CO

Day 136 – Cerca Valparaiso, CO      01/04/11      Mileage: 0

The Hotel Pipinta is so good, I decided to stay another day. I focused on getting some blog posts written as I was several days behind. I still couldn’t post them because of the lack of internet, but at least I can upload them the next chance I got. I also took a short hike down to the river, spent an hour in the Turkish steam bath, did some pool time and drank some beer. Here are some token picks from the hike…

5 Responses to Day 136 – Cerca Valparaiso, CO

  1. Barbara Teller says:

    Just took a tour of Columbia with your Mom via your fabulous photos. Looks like you’re having an amazing adventure. While you’re seeing the world, your Dad and Stephen are watching the Jets game as the snow continues to fall. Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year. Looking forward to your touchdown in Tierra del Fuego and your speedy and safe return home. Love, the Tellers

    • Lenny says:

      Thanks Barbara! I am having an amazing time in every way. Though, next I could use a seat sponsor because my arse is killing me some days! lol. Tell Stephen I said hello and Happy New Year!!


  2. Arlene says:

    How did I miss your postings for 12/28???? What great pictures and writing and what a wonderful experience you had with Santiago the first day you met him. I hadn’t seen that posting until today. He really showed you the real country and for us all to see that things can be changed around.

    Santiago and his family were really wonderful. Glad you got to meet up with them all and you are able to share your experiences with us.

    I see that you either went through the border or are about to. Take care and hopefully you will get your package tomorrow or Tuesday from UPS

  3. Arlene says:

    OMG. I just found your 12/28 posting of the first meeting and lunch and sightseeing with Santiago. What a wonderful experience and wonderful success story about the Library. How gracious and generous Santiageo and the whole family have been to you. You got to see it from a different side through his eyes and now others can see the success story also. You wrote beautifully. BT and I enjoyed the blog last night of the two parties you went to. AMAZING.

    Looks like you are just about to go through the border or did already on the tracker. Hopefully you will get in touch with the UPS in Ecuador tomorrow and straigthen out the info on your package. I know you really need the maps I sent. I would feel so much better if you got the package.

    Be well and be happy and safe. Love ya, Mom

  4. Arlene says:


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