Day 74 – Antigua, GU

Day 74 – Antigua, GU     11/3/10     Mileage: 0

 School day numero dos and I was surprised to see Christina had returned instead of running for the hills. We sat down and soon after the massacre continued. I could see her wince with each clumsy and painful pronunciation, but she hung in there. After two hours we had a 30 minute cease fire so she could catch her breath and I could reload for my next linguistic barrage. After another 90 minutes of verb tense and vocabulary bungling, the school bell rang and a truce was called until tomorrow. After school I had a quick bite for lunch before returning to the hotel to use the wifi to download some language software and update the blog. Once that was done I wandered out for dinner and found a little taco stand where I had 4 authentic tacos with all the fixins for $3. Belly filled to the rim, I (not surprisingly) had a hankering for a beer(s) to wash down the tacos. I found a place that had Moza, which is a Guatemalan bock beer that is quite good. After 4 of those and some good conversation with the bartender (Jerome, an ex-pat from the US) and an Irish gal (Amy) sitting next to me, I packed it in. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I forgot to put the memory card in my camera this morning! I will make up for it tomorrow when I try to do some day in the life pics…

12 Responses to Day 74 – Antigua, GU

  1. Deborah says:

    “linguistiic barrage” … “vocabulary bungling”…. you make me smile! Have fun!!

  2. lisa says:

    Hi len, definitely jealous from the pics of Guatamala. It looks so authentic and cheap! So funny to hear about language school. what a bargain. that was a good idea. keep the pics and stories coming! Everything good here. Miss you , lisa

    • Lenny says:

      Hi Lisa! Glad everything is good with you! It’s nice here for sure and a great place to spend some time off the bike. School is tough, but I’m determined to learn some spanish! TTYS

  3. Nancy says:

    How bad of a student could you possibly be 😉 You should have her video some of those classes….I bet they are funny!

    Love the architecture and all the beautiful landscape….looks like a nice place to plant yourself for awhile.

    Have fun and be safe 🙂


  4. Tracy says:

    You speak spanish very well Lenny and your pronunciation is very good. I’m sure you are doing much better than you are making it out to be!

  5. Arlene says:

    How is the Spanish going???? Are you staying another week or moving on??? Your mind is always working and I am sure you are doing good in school!!!!! It is something you want to do and not that you have to pass it.

    Been reading Steve’s book and enjoying it very much. His words just flow and I hope people get to read it and enjoy it as much as I am.

    Take care. We are leaving now to go and watch Maya and Raquel for a few hours tonight.
    Love ya and miss ya. Mom

    • Lenny says:

      I’m staying here in Antigua another week for sure, then I think I’m going to head up to northern Guatemala and Belize… I haven’t had a chance to read Steve’s book yet, but it’s on my to do list…

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