Day 95 – Caye Caulker, BZ

Day 95 – Caye Caulker, BZ     11/24/10     Mileage: 0

I slept in until 9 due to the late night festivities last night. After breakfast, two bottles of water and 4 coffee’s I felt ready for the day….or at least a day of sitting on my ass on the beach soaking in the tropical air and Caribbean sunshine. Life is rough, but I’m making the best of it.  😉

That about sums up the island style here pretty good…

I also spent some time updating the blog at a local bar that has wifi. At dusk it was back to the Lazy Lizard at the split to take in another great tropical sunset.

I went back to the room for a bit and then went out for dinner. I splurged on a nice meal as it was my last night on the Caye. Tomorrow I head back to the mainland and San Ignacio to collect the bike and head south back into Guatemala.

Day 94 – Caye Caulker, BZ

Day 94 – Caye Caulker, BZ     11/23/10     Mileage: 0

This morning I chilled for a bit before heading out to breakfast. I also moved to a much cheaper hotel…only $15 per night and right on the water.

My new hotel…$15 per night…

A great view from the balcony of my hotel room…

Then again, the island is only 1-2 blocks wide…so almost every place is practically on the water…or a 30 second walk from it! I walked around for a bit, then grabbed some lunch and used their wifi to get a blog post up and send some email.

Some views from around town in Caye Caulker…

At sunset, the place to be is at “the split” where the north and south part of the island is split by a narrow channel, compliments of a hurricane a few years ago. There is a great dive beach bar there called the Lazy Lizard, and everyone just chills there and on the beach to watch the sunset. The Lazy Lizard is for sale, in case anyone would like to co-own a dive beach bar with me! 😉

The scene at the Lazy Lizard at sunset…irie irie

After that it was out for dinner and few drinks, and I ended up at a reggae bar called the I & I where there was a lot of ummm, smoking. I chilled there for a bit, ended up talking to some local rastas, and then retired with my “contact high”. Irie irie, mon.