Day 72 – Antigua, GU

Day 72 – Antigua, GU     11/01/10     Mileage: 0

 I was up relatively early and walked to the center square for a coffee before returning to the Black Cat for breakfast. This morning I chose the “typical”,  which was scrambled eggs, beans, fresh farm cheese, avocado, tomato and whole wheat toast…also included with my $7 bunk room bed…amazing! Today I spent quite a while on the blog, did some laundry and taking a long walk around town.

I didn't take many (good) pictures today for some reason, so here is my one token shot of a rare sight in these parts....a Ducati Multistrada!

At night I also found a fun gringo bar called the Monoloco. Even the bar tenders were from the US and were it not for the bouncers sporting metal detectors to scan the patrons at the door, it could have easily been a sports bar in Denver. It was definitely surreal after weeks of only hearing Spanish. So after a proper gringo meal of beer and chicken fingers, I was off to the relative luxury of my single room!

2 Responses to Day 72 – Antigua, GU

  1. Mo Flynn says:

    Hi Lenny – I have been keeping up with your blog and pictures daily.
    Glad to see that Tracy joined you for a few days and that she did some shoe shopping.
    It must be nice to be off the road for awhile and I love that you are going to Spanish school – good luck!

    Be safe and enjoy,


    • Lenny says:

      Hi Mo!! Nanc tells me I missed a fun Halloween the other day…darn! Yeah, I’m pretty excited to have a break from the bike and to try and learn some Spanish…we’ll see how that goes! I see the snow is starting to fly with Killington opening and I’ll be very bummed to miss what will likely be the entire ski season! Say hi to John for me and I can’t wait to catch up when I get back! -Lenny

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