I knew I liked this bar…. The Monoloco in Antigua, Guatemala

This one's for you Mick!

3 Responses to I knew I liked this bar…. The Monoloco in Antigua, Guatemala

  1. jarla says:

    Wrote a comment a few days ago. Never saw it posted. Wonder if it got lost in cyberspace!
    In the late 60’s I was in Lake Atitlan and Chichicostanengo, etc. Lots of local color on the bus from Guatemala City to the lake, like chickens, marimba music, etc. Imagine much has changed since then.

    I certainly can relate to the shopping. The crafts were all beautiful. Enjoy it all, especially the language school. Buen Suerte.

  2. mick schaible says:

    Make sure you drink that Jaeger with a Long Trail chaser Len! Miss you, Mick

    • Lenny says:

      Hey bro! I can say with absolute certainty that no Long Trail exists anywhere in this country, so it will have to be a Gallo! I saw that Killington opened today…too bad I’ll be sitting this winter out more than likely. Have a Jagger at The Loft and a few runs down Julio for me!!! Miss you too bro! -Lenny

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