Day 13 Banff, Alberta to Jasper National Park

Day 13 Banff, Alberta to Jasper National Park     09/02/10     Mileage: 327 

After putting the KLR’s rear end back together, we packed up and went to meet Webble for breakfast. He suggested, in fact, everyone suggested Melissa’s…and specifically the french toast. Well, it lived up to the billing and was really delicious.  

Breakfast at Melissa's


Melissa's famous french toast...


Paul, Webble, and I in front of Mellisa's...


After that Paul and I shot over to the Banff information kiosk…he in search of a map and me to see what the area has to offer besides the town itself. With that done, our ride together had come to an end. Paul was turning the Beemer south back towards Colorado. He was going to try and make it home by Saturday for his son Lance’s first football game. I would continue northwest towards Lake Louise, Jasper an onward to Alaska. So with a final farewell, we parted ways and I was on my own once again. We had such a great time on the road…I miss riding with him already.  

Parting shot...


So long my friend, it was great riding with you!


My first stop was to check out the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel…and wow is that place spectacular.  

Fairmont Banff Springs!


Fairmont Banff Springs


Banff Springs Hotel gold course...quite a setting for a course...



Downtown Banff...


Downtown Banff


Next I rode up to an overlook where you could see all of Banff and the surrounding mountains and valley’s…quite a view for sure.  

Banff and the surrounding mountains


On my way to my next stop, Morraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks, I saw a huge elk feeding right by the side of the road!  

Roadside elk...


He never gave me a second look as I sat there on the bike for 10 minutes watching and taking pictures.  

Along the way to Lake Louise...


Mountains on the way to Lake Louise...


The ride to Morraine Lake was great and the lake itself is stunning (thanks to Andria for the suggestion!).  

Morraine Lake and the Valley of the 10 Peaks...


Morriane Lake


Next stop was the Chateau Lake Louise which is a hotel set on the edge of an alpine lake of the same name that is nearly as stunning as Morraine Lake. The hotel itself is nice, but not in the same league as the Fairmont Banff Springs.  

Lake Louise


 After a quick PB and honey on flat bread, it was off to Jasper National Park. On my way I saw my first bear of the trip! Just as the elk did earlier in the day, he could care less that I was there watching and didn’t even look my way.  

Roadside Bear!


The scenery as I rode north was unbelievable. My jaw would have dropped to the ground had my helmet chin strap not been there to catch it.  

Jasper National Park along the Icefields Parkway


Jasper National Park


Jasper National Park


Jasper National Park


Jasper National Park


Jasper National Park


Glacier in Jasper National Park


Home for the night would be the Honeymoon campground about 30 miles south of Jasper where I got some great twilight pictures of the mountains reflecting in the lake.  

Honeymoon Lake, Jasper National Park


Now that seat has a view for sure...


Could be one of the best pictures I've ever taken...


Yep, that's a good pic for sure...


Tomorrow it’s on to the town of Jasper, then Dawson Creek.

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  1. lisa says:

    The pics of the lake are amazing!

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