Day 6 and 7, Golden, CO

Day 6 and 7, Golden, CO     08/26-27/10     Mileage: 0

Thursday Paul and I went to Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage in Longmont, CO to pick up a new tank bag for the bike. On the way we had lunch in Nederland and then we were off to pick up the R1150GS Paul would be riding and bring it back to the house. Once back at the house, we commenced the buffalo wing and beer consumption which greatly explains the lack of pictures! Friday it was packing and preparing the bikes for the run up to Banff, Canada. After that was complete, it was off to lunch then to his son Lance’s football game.   

Paul and Kim


Go Lance!


Lance at wide receiver


 After the game it was on to the Southern Sun in Boulder, CO for some beer and black bean nachos!   

Southern Sun, Boulder, CO


Paul and Lance...


Kim and Leigh


Leigh and I


 Paul and Kim’s friends Kristi and Dave joined us…what a fun couple!   

Kristi and Dave...


 After the Southern Sun it was back to Kristi and Dave’s house for…ummm…best as I recall…Jagger Bomb’s, Car Bomb’s, beer and other assorted libations culminating in an epic and very late night!

One Response to Day 6 and 7, Golden, CO

  1. Lisa Allen says:

    Hmmm. This is starting to look like you’re on an eating trip and just so happen to be riding a bike!!

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