Day 5 – Scott City, KS to Golden, CO

Day 5 – Scott City, KS to Golden, CO     08/25/10     Mileage: 313     

Today was not going to be a high mileage day, so I didn’t get on the road until 8:30. It was only roughly 300 miles to Paul’s house in the front range of the Rocky Mountains so I decided to take as many back roads as possible and avoid the highway.     

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!


The big news for the day is that Paul is able to ride with me for a week or so up to Canada! He had recently sold his BMW GS1150, but was able to barrow another friends GS at the last-minute. I’m looking forward to sharing miles with him….I just hope I can keep up with the big Beemer!


I have been lax with pictures, I will post more soon!

One Response to Day 5 – Scott City, KS to Golden, CO

  1. Jill says:

    say Hi to Paul & Kim from me!

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