Day 278 – Amazon Riverboat Day 3

Day 278 – Amazon Riverboat Day 3       05/26/11        Mileage: 0

The scenery was again great and it seemed there was always something new or interesting to look at as you watch the world float by.

This is the view from the sink to brush your teeth….

Not all the bathrooms on the boat were as “nice” as ours. Notice the large bug on the wall on the left side of the picture….

We docked in a small river town of Almeirim to offload some cargo of vegetables and beer….work that is done entirely by hand.

We also bought some tasty fried pastels from the food venders that come down to the docks on bikes to meet the boat.

Back underway it was more great scenery along the river which I could and did watch for hours.

Here’s how most people travel the river boats….in hammocks….

Wonder where that road goes??

It was also my birthday today and the irony is, it was my father birthday yesterday and my parents are on a cruise in Alaska….so he celebrated his birthday on a boat in Alaska and I’m celebrating mine on a boat in the middle of the Amazon…although I can guarantee his accommodations are a bit nicer! John had snuck off the boat earlier while we were docked and tracked down a cake which was extremely thoughtful! So the highlight of the day, or night as it were, was having happy birthday sung to me in Portuguese by some Brazilians on the boat….here’s the video….



After cutting and sharing the cake with the other passengers, I made up some capirinha’s with the limes we bought earlier and we washed them down with several beers. Unfortunately once the cachaca started flowing everyone forgot about the cameras…so no more pics….oh well! We laughed and had a boatload of fun…excuse the pun…and that was definitely one of the most memorable birthdays I’ve ever had….

9 Responses to Day 278 – Amazon Riverboat Day 3

  1. carla friedman says:

    Fantastic pictures. Happy happy birthday. What a memorable way to celebrate.

  2. Arlene says:

    Lenny, this is not what I expected the pictures from the Amazon to look like. The boat was much nicer than I anticipated and looks like you had a really good time. I did not expect the waterway to be as wide as the pictures show. Great pictures.
    We are off to watch Maya and Raquel. Love, Mom

  3. Lynn Hilliard says:

    Wish I could open the video…but it just isn’t happening. Belated Happy Birthday, Lenny. What a way to spend it!

  4. Jilly says:

    Awesome pics and birthday, glad you were with some mateys!! FYI, I can’t open the videos either when I read your blog from my email but when I go directly to your blog, they work great!

  5. Arlene says:

    Hi Lenny, just re-read your blog and after Sabine’s comment I saw the “tower”. I couldn’t believe it and missed it the first time I read the blog. I was touched by the little boy in the boat using the Kayak paddle and he looked so small and alone. Do these kids ask for money??????? Looks like a very poor section and people really struggling to stay alive.

    Hoping you are having a great time hiking and camping. Be safe and happy. Love ya, Mom

  6. Kevin says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I don’t go on-line often, but when I do I always catch up on your travels. Great documentation. Thanks for sharing this adventure. Looking forward to sharing a beer at Dave & Diana’s when you return……….If you return and don’t just keep going………………………Happy Trails!

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