Day 237 – Dolores to Montevideo, Uruguay

Day 237 – Dolores to Montevideo, Uruguay      04/15/11      Mileage: 211

It rained most of the night and into the morning, but around 8:30 it let up just long enough for me to break camp and hit the road. Fifteen minutes later it started pouring and there was nowhere to even pull over and wait it out, so I pressed on. Thankfully the rain stopped just before the town of Colonia de Sacramento, a touristy and expensive colonial town that was worth a quick look.

A cool old car parked on the street…

After snapping some photos I was back on the bike heading for the capital of Montevideo. Along the way I passed what must have been a pro cycling race with a full entourage of police and support vehicles.

I arrived in Montevideo a short time later and settled into a hostel near the city center.

That night I walked around and I have to say that the downtown has the look and feel of NYC more than any other city I’ve been to on this trip…right down to the pizza shop on every other corner.

I got a table in a street cafe and enjoyed a margarita pizza and a liter of beer while taking in the scene.

Back at the hostel I chatted with some of the other travelers and used the wifi before calling it a night….

4 Responses to Day 237 – Dolores to Montevideo, Uruguay

  1. Lynn Hilliard says:

    Hi, Lenny. Is that a Studebaker…the red car? Sure looks like one. Stay safe.

  2. John Durrua says:

    I hope you are keeping a list of beers 🙂

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