Day 222 – Rio Gallegos to Caleta Olivia, Argentina

Day 222 – Rio Gallegos to Caleta Olivia, Argentina      03/31/11      Mileage: 442

The wind…it blows…and by that I mean it sucks…big time. The famous westerly winds howl with a furry at the tip of South America…unimpeded on the east coast by nary a hill nor tree. The road of course runs north/south…making it the most unrelenting cross wind I have ever encountered and it’s hell to ride in. I spent the entire day wrestling the bike to keep it upright for hundreds of tiring miles. I didn’t even stop to take a picture…as the scenery was uninspiring and it would also just prolong the misery. YPF is the largest gas station chain in Argentina, and for me they have become a little oasis and refuge…someplace to fill my tank, my stomach and rest before venturing back into the gail force winds that have become my nemesis. In Caleta Olivia I called it quits and got a room for the night. Tomorrow I hope the winds are more favorable…

Token picture for today: Sunset over Caleta Olivia, Argentina

3 Responses to Day 222 – Rio Gallegos to Caleta Olivia, Argentina

  1. Len MacDonald says:

    Keep at it. I’m sure the weather will turn soon.

    The updates have been great. I’ve been following since November on your site and ADVrider and I’ll be doing a similar run to yours from Nova Scotia in 2012. If you find yourself rolling past NYC on return and hit the east coast of Canada look me up. There’s beer in the fridge and steaks on the BBQ.

    Good Luck.


    • Lenny says:

      Hey Len! Thanks…I appreciate it! You’re going to have a blast…hopefully by blog can help you avoid some of the mistakes! LOL

      Safe travels!

  2. Janus says:


    I think you have been going through so much that I wonder why you did not make Cape Horn? Joking of course… Optimistic is that in the part of the Earth you are, it gets wormer as you get Northern. Kind of weird, as we are used to “go South” for a sun…

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