Day 199 – Uspallata, AR to El Zampal, AR

Day 199 – Uspallata, AR to El Zampal, AR 03/08/11 Mileage: 434

I was up early, broke camp and was on the road around 8 and rolling south towards Mendoza.

My stealth campsite actually turned out to be pretty picturesque in the morning…

The vineyards around Mendoza with the Andes looming in the background…

I wanted to have a steak and a bottle of red in Mendoza, but the road south beckons and it will have to wait for the way back up. Eventually the vineyards around Mendoza gave way to open rocky desert and I was making good time.

I took a detour up to Las Lenas, another well-known ski resort, and had a nice lunch and a beer.

Let the good times roll indeed! But why is that sign in english?  lol

Back on the road I continued south across the scenic but barren landscape.

These cute donkeys stood and watched me watch them for quite a while…

Nightfall finely caught me and I stopped and bush camped along a river….another great day on the road south…

2 Responses to Day 199 – Uspallata, AR to El Zampal, AR

  1. Arlene says:

    Just cut out an article from the Asbury Park Press newspaper to read tomorrow about the wine from Mendoza, Argentina being the best. Too tired to read tonight…….should be interesting.

    It is almost midnight and watching Maya and Raquel tomorrow and as always, looking forward to it.
    They both are so funny and fun to be with. They are just precious. They have changed so much in the lst 7 months.

    Talk to you soon. Love ya, Mom

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