Day 196 – Chanalan, CL to Valpariso, CL

Day 196 – Chanalan, CL to Valpariso, CL      02/05/11       Mileage: 571

Alex had some things to do this morning so I hit the road south solo. I was on the gas to make miles and the weather and road were both working with me for a change. The road ran along the coast in a few spots and it could easily pass for the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

I’m still carrying the blue gallon jugs for gas that I bought from the little old lady in Bolivia…..the best 80 cents I ever spent.

Nightfall began to catch me as I turned off the Pan American for Valparaiso. The small road I was on ran along the coast and by what surely must be the Malibu of Chile with spectacular houses perched above the South Pacific.

I also caught a spectacular sunset before pulling into Valparaiso. I found a room and crashed soon after, worn out from the long day in the saddle…life is good…

4 Responses to Day 196 – Chanalan, CL to Valpariso, CL

  1. Hanzo says:

    I have updated something today that has been with me since grammar school. The Tropic of Capricorn is not just a region of South Africa. Thank you Sir. (I was puzzled for more than a second)
    Now I’m trying to update all my geographic shortcomings.
    Admirable adventure… keep on truckin’.

    • Lenny says:

      Hey Hanzo! Well you’ll be crossing the Tropic of Cancer at least twice for sure in Mexico! I’ve been learning as I go also…. For example, to the rest of the world, everyone who lives in North and South America are Americans also…not just people from the United States. If you say you are American down here, technically they could say no shit, so am I. In reality though, when you speak English and say you’re from America, they put two and two together and figure it out, but I always say now that I’m from the United States…

      • Hanzo says:

        Is it “I am from” or “I was from” the United States? Enjoying the photos.
        I am lucky to be able to take a month to travel on my bike. You are lucky-er.
        Without the details, did you drop everything to make this happen or is it circumstantial?
        You are entering a tremendous SKI zone!

      • Lenny says:

        Ha! It’s still I AM from the U.S. at the moment…but that is subject to change! LOL

        Yeah, life circumstances made it the right time….I had the money, a job that was growing old, no wife, girlfriend or any other such encumbrances…so I pulled the trigger and haven’t looked back…

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